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Tonk, a charming town near Jaipur, is a hidden gem in Rajasthan! Known for its historic havelis and mosques, this town was once ruled by the Pathans of Afghanistan. The architectural wonders from the Mughal era will leave you in awe. With its stunning mansions, mosques, and British colonial buildings, Tonk is a true testament to its rich history. The blend of Rajput and Muslim architecture makes Tonk a unique and captivating destination. Come explore this cultural treasure trove and be amazed by its magnificent structures. Tourists from around the globe are drawn to the beauty of Tonk - and you will be too!

Tonk - City Guide

One of the highlights of Tonk is the Suneri Kothi, also known as the Golden cottage or the Golden Mansion of Tonk. This place may seem plain and normal from outside but you will literally fall in love with the interior of this Haveli which features exemplary glasswork, floral paintings, and magnificent artifacts. Along with this, the gold polish has also been adorned on the walls. What makes Kothi so attractive is pink colour floral designs painted on the walls and the roof and also the brilliant cravings on the pillars. Don’t miss to witness the Sheesh Mahal inside the Kothi where glass works, floral designs, and Meenakari designs come together to create a masterpiece that are bound to captivate the visitors.

If you happen to be in Tonk, you should plan visiting the remarkable Bisaldeo Temple. Located near the Banas River this temple is truly a sight to behold. The idol of Lord Shiva –the hero of the temple, who is pictured with a snake spiralled around his neck, holding a “Trishul” (Trident) and a “Damru” (small Drum) in hands and having a third eye is the main attraction in the temple. Being built by blend of Mughal –Rajput style architecture featuring intricate carvings, ornate pillars and rich designs on the ceilings belonging to that era. Hundreds of people visit this temple to get enlightment but until you visit here you will never know that you can get epic sunset pics at this temple the view of sunset in the water, is truly mesmerizing during evening’s golden hour

Being 5600 years oldest Shri Kalyan Temple boasts exquisite architecture that is unlike anything you've seen before. There are 16 pillars supporting the Pinnacle of the temple which has become extremely attractive due to its statuettes incurved thereon. The Sanctum Sanctorum is said to have an elegant architecture in marble. Grabbed a lot of attention from general public because of a particular flick the Hadi Rani ki Baori had become a renowed tourist spot. This step well is designed to make in a as a marvel, as there are is no symmetry in the patterns of the Hadi Rani ki Baori and its steps are attractively built to contain water. This well also has double-storeyed corridors on either side or an arched doorway ultimately making you wonder that the craftsmanship of the bygone era possessed the power to make even a step well into an architectural marvel.

No exiting Tonk without witnessing the most attractive Jama Masjid - one of the largest mosque in India. Being a structure that is highly imposing due to its golden paintings and Meenakari designs this iconic spot reflects the excellence of Mughal architectural style. Over all Tonk holds a unique charm that deserves to be witnessed and appreciated.

Climatic Conditions in Tonk

Summer Season in Tonk is too hot and begins during April and lasts till June with temperatures rising to 37°C. The hottest month of the year is May with the highest temperature of 42 °C. Monsoon season in Tonk starts from July– September characterized by an average rainfall of 79.02mm. Winter season in Tonk starts in December and lasts until February with average temperature of ranging between 26°C. January is the coldest month of the year with temperature ranging between 22°C - 10°C.

Best time to visit Tonk

October to December is the best time visit Tonk

Attractions in Tonk

Haathi Bhata Bisalpur Dam, Jaldevi temple


1. What is the nearest airport to Tonk?

Sanganer airport at Jaipur, nearest to Tonk

2. Why visit Tonk?

You should visit Tonk to witness the renowned its old havelis and mosques.

3. What is very famous in Tonk?

Tonk is very famous for the Arabic and Persian Research Institute

4.Is Tonk too hot?

Yes, summers are extremely hot in Tonk Yes, apart from other seasons summer in Sri Ganganagar is extremely hot.

5. Is Tonk a desert region?

Yes, Tonk is in the desert

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