North Indian City Guide - Rajasthan - Dausa

The word “Dausa” is derived from Sanskrit which means “Beautiful like heaven” when translated to English. Exactly like the word means, this city truly signifies beauty. Located in the Eastern part of Rajasthan, Dausa is surrounded by Alwar, Bharatpur, Jaipur and Sawai Madhopur. Nicknamed “Deva Nagri”, Dausa is the best place for travel enthusiasts who are curious about exploring the rural face of Rajasthan. Whichever side you fix your gaze on you will perceive the blend of a rusty-mustard colour that covers many beautiful and significant places in the city giving you an old-world feeling for sure.

Dausa - City Guide

One of the most iconic spots that invites people from all over the world to Dausa is the Chand Baori. It is one of the oldest and most overlooked spots in Rajasthan which appears not just as a “Stepwell” but as an “Architectural Marvel” Built during the 8th century, this incredible structure has 13 stories and about 3,500 narrow steps perfectly arranged in phenomenal pattern depicting the stepwell to look like a geometrical complexity.

It is indeed to visit Chand Baori and appreciate the people of the bygone era who have proved to the world that they had the feat to make even a stepwell to become a significant monument.

Adjacent to the Baori there is another architectural splendid known as the Harshat Mata Mandir. Harshat Mata – the god of happiness is worshipped here but beyond the deity the architecture of the temple will make you bow down as the temple still reveals the glory of the past through its exquisite stone carvings, sculpture, motifs and pillars that will certainly steal your eyes. The stunning yet faded structure of the Chand Baori Stepwell will be brimmed with vibrant colours and celebrations during the Abhaneri Festival which is celebrated during September or October. This is a popular festival in Rajasthan along with other famous fairs such as The Pushkar Festival and the Bikaner Camel Festival. Experience the richness of Rajasthan through a wider range of attractions of the festivals like Kalbelia Dance, Langa singing, Kacchi Godhi dance, Puppet show Camel rides and a wider range of craft exhibitions that will push you to the rim of satisfaction and joy.

If you are very curious about phantoms, horror movies/stories and paranormal activities, or if you intend to add some thrill to your Dausa trip then include Mehandipur Balaji Temple in your travel itinerary. Housing Lord Hanuman – the redeemer of crisis as the main deity, this temple is said to be the place where exorcism is performed and where one can find relief from Black Magic. Unlike other regular Hindu holy sites, in this temple you will not hear any sound of temple bells instead you will hear the blaring screams of possessed men and women. Try visiting this place if you dare to feel the spine-chilling experience!

How can you exit Dausa without trying out the Dausa Village Jeep Safari? – where you can have a thrilling experience by witnessing wildlife like leopards, striped Hyenas and Golden Jackal inside the Sariska Forest Also enjoy the Camel Safari where you can explore the rural life of Rajasthan, encounter their day-to-day activities and enjoy their local foods.

Climatic Conditions in Dausa

The hot summer season in Dausa begins during April and lasts till June with temperatures rising to 37 °C. The hottest month during summer is May with temperatures ranging between 40°C – 28 °C. Monsoon season in Dausa starts from July – September characterized by an average rainfall of 200 millimeters. Winter season starts in December and lasts until mid-February with a temperature of 21°C.

Best time to visit Dausa

October to March is the best time to visit Dausa as the weather remains perfect for exploring the monuments and other places of interest. The weather is usually also mild and cool to a certain extent so that visitors can enjoy being outdoors.

Major Attractions in Dausa

1. Gatolav- A beautiful bird habitat where one can witness a variety of bird species

2. Gopinath Temple – A beautiful temple in the complex bhangard fort that is well known for its exemplary stone works.

3. Lotwara – It is a scenic village located on the banks of the Banganga River in Dausa that is surrounded by lush green fields.

4. Bhandarej – It is an ancient site famous for it’s the walls, decorative lattice works, sculptures, terracotta and utensils.

5. Lotwara Fort – It is a 400 year old architectural marvel located in the Lotwara Village


1.What is the nearest airport is Dausa?

Jaipur airport is the nearest to Dausa

2.Is Dausa a desert region?

Yes, Dausa lies in the desert region

3.What is the famous about Dausa?

One of the largest step well in the world Chand Baori-step well is very famous in Dausa

4.Why visit Dausa?

You should visit Dausa to witness and experience the rural face of Rajasthan.

5.What to buy in Dausa?

Jewellery, traditional Rajasthan attires and handicrafts are the best things to buy in Dausa.

Things to do in Rajasthan


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