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Eponymously known as the Industrial City Pali has numerous surprises when it comes to tourism. From ancient temples to majestic forts Pali flaunts its rich heritage where travellers can brace themselves for a journey that will immerse them in the rich tapestry of Rajasthan's cultural fabric. Located on the South-western side of Rajasthan, this city is swanked an affluent ethnic legacy and a larger amount of pragmatic flee for the inheritance travellers gazing for a joyous holiday. From the Mughals to Marwar Rajputs, today Pali district has been recognized for its impressive forts, havelis, and Jain temples. Rich cultures, wildlife journeys and religious sites, Pali serves to be one of the most vibrant places where you can enjoy all these in one place.

Pali - City Guide

What comes to the mind when the word Pali is heard would definitely be “Architectural Grandeur” Pali house temples and other significant constructions where you get you see numerous varieties of construction styles. Constructed within 65 years, 1500 years ago the Adishwar Temple also known as the Chaumukha Temple is very famous for its unique architectural style that no temple possesses. You will be surprised to see the shrine resembling a heavenly aircraft that translates to Nalini Ghulam Vimana in Sanskrit. Explore this largest Jain temple that has 29 halls, 1444 pillars, and 80 domes each having its stunning beauty.

Built in Nagara style with stunning pieces of white limestone architecture and splendid walls featuring spectacular carvings of warriors, celestial bodies, and horses, - The Surya Narayan/sun Temple reveals the architectural glory of the past. You will be startled to see the octagonal mandap before you enter the temple. Somnath Temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva temple is very famous for its Shilp Art – an impeccable art of carving sculptures.

Two eyes are not enough to appreciate the beauty and renowned craftsmanship that work in creating the marvellous aesthetics of the Nathdwara Temple featuring traditional Rajasthani architecture, with exquisite carvings, intricate marble work, ornate embellishments and an adorning facade.

Loves to explore something out of the box? Then Om Banna Dham is the place to be at. This one is not like any ordinary temple but is one of the strangest places to visit in Pali Rajasthan. Because there’s no idol of a deity or any god’s statue but a Royal Enfield bike. And what’s more enticing is that every day a horde of devotees gather to offer prayers to the bike. Peculiar! Isn’t it?

Apart from focusing on architecture and religious sites, halt at the natural wonder of Pali where you can have a strong connection with only nature.

Jawai Dam built on the Jawai River is the most iconic place to visit in Pali. This place looks very scenic because of the mountainous backdrop. Your experience in Jawai Dam will be enhanced by the flying migratory birds and also some animals like bears and hyenas who visit the place to quench their thirst. Have some laid-back moments with the Ranakpur Dam a perfect getaway to make the most of the great beauty of the sight, the splashing water and especially during sunrise and sunset.

For an enthralling experience, add Pali to your travel list and take with you extraordinary memories.

Climatic Conditions in Pali

The summer season in is sweltering and begins during April and lasts till June with temperatures rising to 37°C Monsoon season in Pali starts from Mid-June – September Winter season in Pali starts in December and lasts until February with a temperature falling down to 11°C

Best time to visit Pali

October to March is the best time to visit Pali as this would be the perfect time to enjoy the pleasant climate and sight-seeing

Attractions in Pali

Parshuram Mahadev Temple, Samand Lake, the NimbokaNath Temple, Lakhotia Garden, Ghanerao, Bangur Museum.


1.What is the nearest airport to Pali?

Jodhpur Airport is the nearest to Pali

2.Why Visit Pali?

You should visit Pali to witness extremely beautiful and creative architectures

3.What is very famous in Pali?

Pali is very famous for a lip smacking sweet called Gulab Halwa made of milk and rose

4.Is Pali too hot?

Pali during summer is extremely hot.

5.What is Pali famously known as?

Pali is famously known as the industrial city.

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