North Indian City Guide - Rajasthan - Churu

Other than Bikaner, if you have a strong adoration towards monuments, Havelis and other things related to art and history, then “The Gateway to Thar Desert”- Churu welcomes you. Located on the north-eastern side of Rajasthan, Churu lies in the desert region in the middle of the shifting golden dunes. What makes Churu so special is its history and grandeur of the city which is represented through forts havelis and magnificent temples. Being more than 500 years old, The Churu Fort or known as the Churu Ka Kila stands majestically in the center of the city. The construction of this fort is exceptional when compared to other forts in Rajasthan because this is the only fort in the whole world where silver shells were used in canons, as the ruler of Churu insisted all women take off their own silver jewellery and melt out of which shells were created for canons to enhance protection. This fort, apart from standing as an architectural marvel stands as a symbol of bravery and pride.

Churu - City Guide

In contrast to forts, some structures represent “Aesthetism” known as the “Havelis” (Mansion) Characterized by many decorative elements, carved stone works cusped arches, fresco paintings, sun-shades colored glass windows and many other elegant features, visiting the Havelis in Churu is worth your time. The Surana Haveli which was built in 1870 is very popular for its impressive and astounding architecture. This haveli is also called the “Hawa Mahal of Churu” and possesses 1111 doors and windows that were capable of letting horses and camels inside the palace. Every artwork and painting that belongs to his haveli is not just a form of art but a depiction of devotion and love towards artistry of the craftsmanship of the past.

This aesthetic beauty never stops with only Surana Haveli but endures forever with Bhauwala Haveli and Haveli Churu also known as the Malji Ka Kamra that will make you step into the nostalgia. They are not only architectural marvels but also the repositories of cultural heritage. Every motif, theme, and design will truly captivate your sight.

Explore the cultural heritage and experience divinity through The Shantinath Jain Teerth, also known as Shri 1008 Shantinath Digambar Jain Mandir – a temple dedicated to Munisuvrata, the twentieth Tirthankara who is worshiped in the form of 27-foot tall granite idol Babosa Dham Churu –a temple dedicated to Babosa Maharaj. It is believed that if you tie a coconut in the temple all your wishes will be granted and all ailments will be cured. On the other hand, there is Ram Mandhir which has a significant aura of serenity and a pious environment that will make you experience an intense spiritual solace and tranquility.

Simple yet significant, elite yet elegant, - A visit to Churu will make you experience the aura of the city as experiencing it is purely subjective and based on only “personal experience”

Climatic Conditions in Churu

The summer season in Churu is really hot which starts in April and lasts till June with temperatures ranging from 36°C to 42°C. Monsoon season in Churu starts in July and lasts till September characterized by average and unexpected rainfall with temperatures ranging from 27 °C – 26 °C Winter season in Churu starts during October and lasts until March with temperatures ranging from 21°C to 16°C. January in Churu is extremely cold with a minimum temperature of 21 °C - 7°C (Rarely)

Best time to visit Churu

The best time to visit Churu is November to mid-February as the weather remains quite cool so that one can have a hassle-free sightseeing experience.

Major Attractions in Churu

1. Tal Chappar Wildlife Sanctuary- An exclusive place for wildlife lovers that offers an adventurous and thrilling experience

2. Sethani Ka Johara – well known as the Reservoir of the Wealthy Lady, This is a picturesque place in the middle of a desert-like landscape.

3. Salasar Balaji Dham Mandhir – A magnificent temple that is dedicated to Lord Hanuman.

4. Mini Jaisalmer – The best spot to engage in outdoor activities like jeep safari, camel rides and other entertainments.

5. Ratangarh Fort - A magnificent fort that showcases Rajasthani architectural style.


1. Which airport is near to Churu?

Bikaner Airport is the nearest to Churu

2. Is Churu a desert area?

Yes, the city of Churu lies in the desert region

3. What is special about Churu Fort?

It is the only fort in the world where silver shells were used in canons.

4. What are the luxury hotels in Churu?

The Grand Shekhawati Hotel, The Bhawani Kothi and the Malji ka Karma are the top luxury hotels in Churu.

5. Is Churu usually hot?

Churu is extremely hot during the summer season.

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