North Indian City Guide - Rajasthan - Kekri

The state of Rajasthan in India is known for its vibrant culture, rich history, and majestic forts and palaces. In the midst of this, lies an undiscovered treasure” - the small village of Kekri. Located in the Ajmer district, Kekri is a quaint town that is often overlooked by tourists. However, its beauty and charm cannot be ignored. Kekri is a perfect destination for those looking for a quiet and offbeat vacation experience.

Kekri - City Guide

Within Kekri's allure, Chabariya Fort stands as an architectural testament to the Rajput era. Its construction in the 17th century lends a sense of grandeur, symbolized by its imposing presence. The fort's adornments of intricate paintings and carvings showcase the artistic ingenuity of the past, inviting visitors to delve into the region's rich heritage. From the fort's summit, the panorama unfolds, presenting a vista of the surrounding Aravalli hills and the village nestled below. This vantage point offers a profound perspective, connecting visitors to the beauty and history of Kekri.

About a few kilometres away from Kekri, lies the most beautiful medieval architectural grandeur known as the Bhoraji-ka-Kund – A beautiful stepwell where you will be surprised to see alluring pillars and arches stone carvings, sculptures on the numerous steps that will lead you down to the water body. Adjacent to the stepwell, rests a magnificent Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva known as the Abhaynath Mahadev Temple. Built in a beautiful Nagra style architecture (Hindu style of temple construction) this west-facing temple showcases a curvilinear superstructure.

A big fan of a “Gala Day?” here’s a spectacular mix of Rajasthani traditional art royalty handicrafts and attires – Located just a few Kilometres from Kekri, Bundi celebrates the “Bundi Utsav” where one can enjoy and experience a blend of traditional and the spiritual activities.

Apart from these sightseeing places, Kekri offers a unique opportunity to experience the traditional Rajasthani village life. Visitors can interact with the locals and learn about their customs and traditions. One can also indulge in local delicacies and shop for authentic Rajasthani handicrafts, making for a memorable cultural experience.

For a peculiar travel experience try visiting the place where trees are worshipped especially during the day of Amavasya day – a Hindu month of Shraavana. At Mangaliyawas near a district called Ajmer a few kilometres distance from Kekri Rajasthan, houses two revered trees that are considered both Male and Female which are more than 800 years old, known as Kalpavrikshas.

Embark on a journey to Kekri and experience the vibrant culture and astounding history that takes you back in time.

Climatic Conditions in Kekri

Summer Season in Kekri begins during April and lasts till June with temperatures rising to 28 °C - 41°C.Monsoon season in Kekri starts from July – September characterized by an average rainfall of 79.01 mm. winter season in Kekri starts in December and lasts until February with temperature falling to 22 °C -10°C.

Best time to visit Kekri

Between October and March when the weather is cool and pleasant.

Attractions in Kekri

Chauhan Fort, Bada Guwada, Sarwar Kila, Junia Fort and Fatehgarh Fort


1.What is the nearest airport to Kekri?

Kishangarh (KQH) Airport is the nearest to Beawar

2.Why Visit Kekri?

You should visit Kekri to witness the architectural wonder and experience the rich cultural heritage.

3.What is very famous in Kekri?

Kekri is famous for being the birth place of a renowned Urdu poet, Akhtar ul-Iman.

4.Is Kekri too hot?

Yes, Kekri is extremely hot during summer.

5.Is Kekri situated in Ajmer?

No, Kekri has been carved out of Ajmer on March 2023.

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