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Located on the Southern side of Rajasthan, Dungarpur – The city of hills replete with colourful past and infused with the flavour of royal Rajasthan through showcasing exceptional architecture, royal residences and other astounding things that still make the past glory to live. Being home to stunning palaces, man-made lakes, numerous significant temples and the mystic desert landscape of the arid state, it remains a vibrant town that resonates with remnants of its bygone era which includes the Guhilot and Mewar Dynasties followed by Mughal, Maratha and the British rule.

Dungarpur - City Guide

Travel enthusiasts will have no dearth of things to see and experience in Dungarpur. Built on the slope of the Dhanmata hills, The Juna Mahal also known as the ‘Purana Mahal or ‘Bada Mahal’ (Old Palace) is a popular tourist attraction. Take a stab at visiting this architectural excellence that is 450 years old and features the most significant pareva, stone – a unique stone that possesses a green colour naturally but changes permanently to black when oiled. You will be mesmerized by the murals, frescoes, and mirror and glass inlay while exploring this seven-story wonder.

Dungarpur proves that it is a mini paradise for nature lovers too. The Gaib Sagar Lake, located in the heart of the city, is a haven for tourists from all over the world. Being an artificial water body, this lake site is a habitat for ample bird species. Visitors give special attention to this spot, especially in the evening when the sun starts descending slowly beyond the hill. Tourists can not only witness this natural beauty but also experience it by taking boat rides. You will be welcomed by the temple shrine of Shrinathji or Lord Krishna near the lake. Being made of ivory white marble this temple houses the most appealing life-sized idol of Lord Shrinathji and Goddess Radhika.

Discover the exceptional carvings that depict the history of Dungarpur by visiting the Surpur Temple where you can witness the artwork reflecting the excellence of the artisans of those times. The Deo Somnath Temple proves that aesthetics and engineering marvels could blend gracefully as this three-story temple was erected on 148 pillars to neutralize the earthquake.

If you are a big fan of celebrations, then partaking in the Baneshwar Fair is the right choice. It is a popular tribal festival of the Bhil Tribes held in the Baneshwar Temple during the full moon day of January or February. This festival holds many religious importance to the Bhil Tribes. One can experience a greater amount of excitement by enjoying the gaiety of songs, folk dance and music, magic shows, animal shows and acrobatic feats. Never miss to try out the merry-go-rounds and swings that will have a positive impact on your mood swings after you visit Dungarpur.

Climatic Conditions in Dungarpur

The summer season in Dungarpur in extremely hot and begins during March and lasts till June with temperatures rising to 25 °C - 40 °C. Monsoon season in Dungarpur starts from July – September with temperature ranging between 22°C - 37°C which makes humidity to elevate to the peak Winter season in Dungarpur is fairly look and starts in Mid - October and lasts until February with a temperature ranging between 25 °C - 9 °C (Occasionally)

Best time to visit Dungarpur

October to February is the best time to visit Dungarpur as the weather remains fairly cool and pleasant which aids tourist to enjoying sightseeing and indulge in various outdoor activities.

Major Attractions in Dungarpur

1. Udai Bilas Palace – This palace showcases the classic Rajput architectural style and boasts intricate designs in its balconies, arches, bracketed windows and frieze of marble carvings.

2. Badal Mahal – Located on the bank of Gaid Sagar Lake, this is an It is an exquisite example of the majesty of Mughal architecture and Rajputana Décor.

3. Galiakot – Situated on the banks of River Mahi this place is a tomb of a saint. Known for its fine architecture, this shrine is made of white marble and the teachings of the Quran are engraved in golden letters on the tomb.

4. Nagfanji – Located amidst a mountainous region, this is a popular Jain Shrine.

5. Government Archaeology and Museums - This museum exhibits an extensive collection of sculptures, inscriptions, paintings and paintings and metal images.


1.What is the nearest airport to Dungarpur?

Maharana Pratap Airport in Udaipur is the nearest airport to Dungarpur

2.Why visit Dungarpur?

One should visit Dungarpur to experience the richness of Rajasthan through its popular Palace and other historical buildings.

3.What is famous in Dungarpur?

Dungarpur is famous for its exceptional architecture of its royal residences and palace

4.How is the climate in Dungarpur?

The climate in Dungarpur is quite dry apart from best seasons like October to February

5.What is the famous festival in Dungarpur?

Baneshwar Fair is a popular tribal festival held in the Baneshwar Temple of Dungarpur.

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