North Indian City Guide - Rajasthan - Nagaur

Resting between the two most magnificent towns of Jodhpur and Bikaner, Nagaur is a little wonder that still holds the reminiscent of the past in the form of ancient architecture. From hot red chilly markets to annually hosted cattle fair which is there is a lot to do around in Nagaur. This town was established by the Naga Kshatriyas and was founded in the 12th century. Located on the north-western Marwar region of Rajasthan Nagaur is deeply rooted in culture and history. Forts, palaces, temples and mosques from this city will never appear to the travellers just as a significant structure, but a place where one can find the excellent craftsmanship of the past, the legendary history, and also experience the aura of Rajasthan at its best.

Nagaur - City Guide

What makes Nagaur so charming is its heart of attraction- The Nagaur Fort. Built by Mughal King Shahjahan this place is also called the Ahhichatragarh Fort and the “fort of the hooded cobra” Many suggest that this fort is known to have witnessed many battles in the past but in the present it witnesses hundreds of visitors every day who are pulled by the fort's attractive Rajput – Mughal architecture featuring a large fortified complex of palaces, elaborate gardens, temples colourful fountains and mosque. The Sheesh Palace located inside the fort possesses an exemplary beauty that will steal your eyes.

The Jain Glass temple will give you a unique experience that you may have not experienced before as this temple is excellently made of glass having a beautiful enamel work on the ceilings, floors, panels, pillars and doors that are not seen in other famous temples in India. Moreover, this temple will become a place of admiring aesthetics rather than a place of worship.

Amar Singh’s Cenotaph is the best stop which will make you wonder if even the crematorium grounds can become a masterpiece. Built in the memory of King Amar Singh Rathore, this Cenotaph features Rajasthani architecture made of white marble and has intricate carvings and paintings. It has a dome-shaped roof supported by 12 pillars and also a statue of Amar Singh Rathore on a horse with his sword raised in his right hand.

On the other hand, there’s The Tarkeen Dargah – An eight hundred years old magnificent Islamic structure that is decorated with incised sandstone bricks, elaborate decorations like inscriptions, geometric and natural patterns.

If you are a big fan of the cattle fair but missed the most famous Pushkar festival, then Nagaur is here to pacify you with the Nagaur Cattle Fair, also known as Ramdeoji Cattle Fair. It is an annual festival that was originated more than 55 years ago. Like never seen anywhere else, you can witness camels, horses, cows, goats and sheep traded in such high volumes. Without realizing that the time has passed, you will fix your gaze on cockfights, camel and bullock race puppet shows, and the folk music and dance performed by local people in traditional attire. Like any other district in Rajasthan Nagaur does not offer wider things for shopping but owns a few best and the finest quality Red Chilli, iron crafts wooden items, and leather accessories.

Climatic Conditions in Nagaur

The summer season in Nagaur begins during March and lasts till June with temperatures rising to 47°C- 35°C. Monsoon season in Nagaur starts from July – September and receives unpredictable rainfall. Winter season in Nagaur starts in December and lasts until February with a temperature falling down to 28°C - 5°C

Best time to visit Nagaur

October to February is the best time to visit Nagaur to enjoy outdoor activities amidst pleasant weather

Attractions in Nagaur

Dadhimati Mata Temple, Raza Masjid, Naya Darwaja, Deepak Mahal and Sāmbhar salt lake.


1.What is the nearest airport to Nagaur?

Jodhpur Airport is the nearest to Nagaur

2.Why Visit Nagaur?

You should visit Nagaur to witness some of the outstanding Mughal-Rajput architectures

3.What is famous in Nagaur?

Nagaur Fort is very famous in Nagaur

4.What is special about Nagaur?

Nagaur is abound with gypsum, Limestone and Marble

5.How is the climate in Nagaur?

Nagaur is usually dry and hot apart from monsoon and winter.

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