North Indian City Guide - Rajasthan - Karauli

Being a small city but has caught huge attention among travel enthusiast through decorated havelis, renowned shrines, picturesque views and imprinted chhatris – Karauli is a land of tantalizing tourist destinations. This beautiful city shares its borders with the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh and is surrounded by popular places like Dausa, Dholpur and Sawai Madhopur in Rajasthan.

karauli - City Guide

Located on the North Eastern side of Rajasthan, Karauli holds religions importance to Hinduism and it is considered one of the holiest city in India as this city is a home to more than 300 temples. If you are an intensive spiritual person, or if you love to explore the beauty of the temple architecture then Karauli is literally for you. Apart from religious and other site seeing places, Karauli offers a tranquil ambience where one can enjoy a hospitable behaviour, reflecting the true old Rajasthani culture

What makes Karauli so special is the Kaila Devi Temple. Dedicated to goddess Kaila Devi invites millions of devotees every year. One of the famous Shaktipeeths in Northern part of India, this temple withstands for about one thousand years. Constructed with the lavish marble this temple has a large courtyard with the checked floor. You will be mesmerized to see the statues of Kaila Devi and Chamunda Devi which is the main attraction of the temple. You will enjoy visiting this place during March or April as the Kaila Devi Chaitra fair takes place. It is one of the best fairs in Rajasthan where one can shop hand-crafted wood, lacquer, and metal products, tribal headgear, silver jewellery, mirror work, handwoven and embroidered textiles, and much more things.

Among the temples in Karauli the Madan Mohan Ji temple is a much celebrated one. Being 500 years old, this temple is constructed with the most significant Karauli Stones and showcases mediaeval age architecture Moreover you can also see pictures thrown on the circumambulatory path around the Garbhagriha. Are you already mesmerized by these place of Karauli? Then gift yourself a sense of fascination through a visit to the Karauli City Palace – an antique building that is known for its colonial architecture stone carvings, lattice work on windows and magnificent royal style of frescoes and frameworks. You can enjoy the hoard of colours especially the shades of red, white and off-whites and also get relished by the view of the entire town laid out by the River

Bhadrawati from the terrace. Apart from the aesthetic side of Karauli, there’s Timanghar Fort that showcases a defensive masterpiece. It is an architectural marvel when compared to other forts in Rajasthan. You should take a look into the beautiful geometric and flower samples on the rooftops and pillars of the temples located in the fort. Some even believe that the ancient statues and the statues of mud are still hidden beneath the temple of this fort. If you are lucky you can spot them!

Add a little touch of nature to your Karauli trip by visiting the Kaila Devi Sanctuary Covered in dense rich forests, the Sanctuary begins right after the Kaila Devi Temple and extends on both the sides of the road to join the Ranthambore National Park eventually. Discover marvellous wildlife such as chinkaras, nilgai leopards and jackals and also spot rare bird species.

Climatic Conditions in karauli

The summer season in is sweltering and begins during April and lasts till May with temperatures rising to 30 °C. The hottest month during summer is May with temperatures ranging between 40 Monsoon season in Karauli starts from June – September characterized by an average rainfall of 668 mm with the temperature ranging between 15°C -11°C. Winter season in Karauli starts in December and lasts until February with a temperature falling down from 28°C - 8°C

Best time to visit karauli

September to March is the best time to visit Karauli as the weather remains suitable for outdoor activities

Attractions in karauli

Timangarh fort, Kalyanji Temple, and Shri Mahaveerji Jain Temple


1.What is the nearest airport to Karauli?

Agra airport is the nearest to Karauli

2.Why Visit Karauli?

You should visit Karauli to witness the marvellous temple and many architectural excellence

3.What is famous in Karauli?

Karauli is very famous for Madan Mohan Ji Temple that is dedicated to lord Krishna.

4.Is Karauli worth Visiting?

Yes, Karauli is a land of tantalizing tourist destinations which makes your visit worthy.

5.What is the famous festival in Karauli?

Kaila Devi Chaitra Mela which happens in March or April is very famous in Karauli.

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