North Indian City Guide - Rajasthan - Dholpur

Dholpur lies in the eastern part of Rajasthan and it serves as the administrative headquarters of the Dholpur district. On the northern side, it is bordered by the Bharatpur on the south it is bordered by Madhya Pradesh, on the western side it is bordered by Karauli district and on the eastern side it is bordered by parts of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. Dholpur remains one of the most fascinating cities in Rajasthan and is extremely rich in cultural heritage. Being called “The red stone city of Rajasthan” this city has been a major supplier of Rajputana’s famous red sandstone out of which the Delhi Red Fort was built.

Dholpur - City Guide

If you have missed seeing the stunning Chand Baori Dholpur invites you to see its step well known as the “Royal Stepwell of Dholpur. Built with red sandstones, a circular well with two stories of carved balconies and a series of descending steps are architecturally perfect.

Along with these borders, one most important characteristics that is common among these places and Dholpur is the Chambal River! Chambal Valley, Special tourist facilities and attractions in the Chambal circuit like water sports, rafting, boating camping and bird watching make Chambal Valley a refreshing destination for entertaining activities.

Several archaeologically significant places exist in Dholpur that not only attract tourists but also leave them awe-struck with their magnificent architecture and intricate restoration. The stunning Khanpur Mahal – a palace of several connected pavilions, though, was made as Shah Jahan’s pleasure residence, could never serve its purpose. The lake and as well as the palace were built in the year 1617 but hold a significant place in the world of tourism presently. The richness and ambiance of the lake and the arrival of various winter migratory birds would be a delightful sight. Machkund temple - a historical holy place that is entirely built with the famous stone that belongs to Dholpur.

Beyond the architecture of the temple, you will fall more for the beautiful pond that encircles the temple. Apart from exploring the historical and holy sites in Dholpur, experience magical moments by exploring the sensational curves of the Chambal River on Chambal Safari where you can enjoy a boat ride and also witness beautiful winged creatures and aquatic lives.

Climatic Conditions in Dholpur

The hot summer season in Dholpur begins during April and lasts till June with temperatures rising to 40 °C. The hottest month in Dholpur during summer is May with temperatures ranging between 42°C Monsoon season in Dholpur starts from July – September Winter season in Dholpur starts in December and lasts until February with a temperature of 25°C.

Best time to visit Dholpur

October to March is the best time to visit Dholpur as the weather remains perfect for exploring the monuments and other places of interest.

Major Attractions in Dholpur

1. City Palace – Famously known as the Dholpur Palace, this is an opulent structure that beautifully blends ancient heritage and elegant architecture.

2. Damoh - A beautiful waterfall in Dholpur that is situated amidst lush green serene surroundings.

3. Shergarh Fort – A historical monument that is considered to be the epitome of rich, delicately styled architecture from the bygone era.

4. Van Vihar Sanctuary - One of the oldest wildlife reserves in Dholpur, Van Vihar Sanctuary is spread over an area of about 25 sq km being home to a wide range of flora and fauna.

5. The Chausath Yogini Temple – One of the oldest Shiva temples in Dholpur, this temple is well known for its exemplary architectural grandeur


1.What is the nearest airport to Dholpur?

Agra Airport is the nearest to reach Dholpur

2.Why Visit Dholpur?

One should visit Dholpur to witness the historical grandeur and to experience the diverse culture.

3.What is very famous in Dholpur?

The Royal Stepwell is very famous in Dholpur

4.What language is spoken in Dholpur?

Braj Bhasha is widely spoken in Dholpur

5.Is there a Safari in Dholpur?

Yes, there is the Chambal River safari in Dholpur

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