If you are a traveler going around the world inquisitively, then Rajasthan will be an ideal choice for you. The state in north western part of India, Rajasthan keeps its antiquity alive with its palaces, lakes, forts and deserts dotted across.

Rajasthan City Guide

Rajasthan derives its name from the meaning “Land of Kings”, the state was under the rule of the Rajputs, the royal clan renowned for their bravery. The remnants of the Rajput Dynasty are found in the palaces and many of them have been renovated retaining the antiquity as Heritage Residences.

Out of the several interesting places, Jaipur, Jailsalmer and Bikaner are the promising tourist destinations in Rajasthan attracting tourists from India and other foreign countries.

Besides these, Jodhpur, RanthamboreNational Park, Udaipur called as the Venice of India, Bhilwara, Pushkar famous for the camel fair and the Chambar River Safari in Kota are the other interesting tourist attractions where you can enjoy the architectural elegance of the palaces and forts, and adventurous jeep safari through the dense woods.Rajasthan has many things to wonder. World’s largest private residence, Umaid Bahwan Palace is a kind of must visit place in Rajasthan along with Lake Palace and Hawa Mahal. There are around fifteen forts narrating the story of their ancient residents to every one visiting them.

The Amber Fort, Jaisalmer Fort, RanthamboreFort and Nahargarh Fort are the popular spots among all. The medieval architecture of India is in well display in these royal houses, forts, temples and caves.

The camel rides and elephant rides are the inevitable part of your itinerary when you visit Rajasthan. The winds will pass by your side when you ride on the soft footed camels going around the forts and palaces. The majestic ride on the elephants which were once the mode of transport for the royal families will be an enchanting experience!

Rajasthan is a place vibrant with festivals and fairs celebrated throughout the year exhibiting the color and culture of the state and its history. Your visit to Rajasthan will explain you why is India incredible!!!