North Indian City Guide - Rajasthan - Sri Ganganagar

Lying on the northernmost city of Rajasthan, Sri Ganganagar is nestled near the border of the state of Punjab and also the international border of Pakistan. Sri Ganganagar is often referred to as “the food basket of Rajasthan” as it has plains similar to those one would find in Punjab. When it comes to tourism this city serves as a joy basket as many significant places await you! This city is deeply rooted in history and is the best destination for none other than history buffs and while exploring every nook and corner of Sri Ganganagar you will experience the essence of the bygone days.

Sri Ganganagar - City Guide

Although there are many great stories remain untold, some have become so famous that they continue to instill unconditional love in the hearts of generations. The love story of Laila and Majnu is truly captivating, considered one of the most influential folk tales from the past. Some may question its authenticity, pondering whether it is a real account or merely a product of imagination.

The Laila Majnu Ki Mazar also called the tomb of Laila Majnu located in a village called Binjaur in Sri Ganganagar. Some People believe that the legendary couple was buried in this place and some suggest that the tomb belongs to a saint and his disciple and not the famous lovers overall this tomb lies in an undecidable proposition. However, this is a prominent spot to visit where you get to see many people coming here to seek blessings. Are you a big fan of having a spine-chilling experience while travelling? Then, The Baror Village is something to never miss during your trip to Sri Ganganagar.

This village's remnants of the Indus Valley Civilisation are being unearthed here. You will be greeted by the remains of the Indus Valley Civilisation, artefacts like terracotta cakes, sling balls with pinched decoration, circular beads and spacer, terracotta, faience and shell bangles Storage jars, miniature pots and most surprisingly skeleton of a human with ornaments.

Situated about 155 metres high, the Anupgarh fort is located close to the Indo-Pakistan border and tells the stories of the legendary Mughals who had suppressed the local Bhati Rajputs who tried to retaliate against the Mughal government. Despite the effects of time, it continues to captivate historians and enthusiasts interested in its historical significance and craftsmanship showcasing architectural excellence of the Mughal era.

Here’s a boundary to give you a boundless travel experience - Hindumalkot Border – This spot is the frontier between India and Pakistan and the foremost attraction of the city where you get to see Pakistan’s Observation Post between 10 AM and 5:30 PM.

For all this and more, this town's history is like a treasure hunt. Even the tiniest spots hold hidden gems visit and explore Sri Ganganagar to reveal them.

Climatic Conditions in Sri Ganganagar

Summer Season in Ganganagar extremely too hot and begins during Mid-March and lasts till June with temperatures rising to 42°C-30°C. Monsoon season in Ganganagar starts from Mid-June – September characterized by an average rainfall of 332mm.

Winter season in Ganganagar starts in October and lasts until March with temperature ranging between 33°C - 15°C. January is the coldest month of the year where the temperature goes below 8°C.

Best time to visit Sri Ganganagar

October and November are the best time to visit Sri Ganganagar

Attractions in Sri Ganganagar

Buddha Johad Gurudwara, Padampur, Balaji Dham, Fort Rajwada, Gauri Shankar Temple


1. What is the nearest airport to Sri Ganganagar?

Lalgarh airport is the nearest to Sri Ganganagar

2. Why visit Sri Ganganagar?

You should visit Sri Ganganagar to experience the rich history of the district.

3. What is very famous in Sri Ganganagar?

Sri Ganganagar is very famous for producing fine quality wheat, mustard, cotton, sugarcane and grams

4. Is Sri Ganganagar too hot?

Yes, apart from other seasons summer in Sri Ganganagar is extremely hot.

5. What is Sri Ganganagar famously known as?

Sri Ganganagar is famously known as the food basket of Rajasthan.

Things to do in Rajasthan


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