North Indian City Guide - Rajasthan - Jaisalmer

The jaisalmer or golden city is the well-known historic Indian state Rajasthan. The name Jaisalmer is the fond commemoration for its King Rawal Jaswal who ruled the city in 1165 AD. Jaisalmer is recognized as “World Heritage Site” by UNESCO.

Jaisalmer - City Guide

The city is enclosed by ancient forts, Jain temples, lakes and other quaint spots. One thing that will catch your attraction is the uniformity in all the buildings built of a special category of yellowish sand stone. This makes city glare in sunlight and during night, the buildings turn to a golden honey colour reflecting the lights around. That’s why the city is named as “Golden City”.

Tourist Attractions Of Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer fort - the majestic fort which is one of the preserved and fortified forts in the world. Along with other four forts in Rajasthan, this is recognized as “World Heritage Site” by UNESCO under the group “Hill Forts of Rajasthan”.

Patwon Ki haveli - “the mansion of brocade merchants”. One of the masterpieces of Indian architecture. The cluster of small 5 havelis which leads to the gigantic building. Historic carvings, furniture and art works are the treasures to be seen in this museum.

Jain temples - Predating to the 12th century, the jain temples portray the archealogical excellence of the forefathers of Rajasthan. The customs and traditions are still amazed by the people visiting these temples.

Rani ka mahal - this massive construction was the residence of the queen of jaisalmer, which is one among the places of interests in jaisalmer. Tazia tower- the record breaking architectural fusion welcomes the visitors in jaisalmer. This 5-tier building which was once a residence of royal family.

Desert national park - as the name defines, the park lies in the deserted area which is the fool proof example of ecosystem. Visitors can spot the some rare species from all over the planet.

Gadisar sagar lake - The man made water reservoir which was once the only water source for the entire Jaisalmer. For the citizens under his reign, King Rawal Jaiswal created lake which is now a tourist attraction surrounded by many temples along the banks. Enjoying the scenic beauty while riding on a boat in the lake will be a wonderful experience.

Bada bagh - As the name implies, the Bada Bagh is so big in size commissioned by the descendants of the King Rawal Jaiswal. To start with, a dam was constructed to make the city green and later on, a huge garden was established with many cenotaphs installed in memory of the Kings’ lineage.

Khuri dunes - Just 40 kms in the outskirts of Jaisalmer, there exists the sand dunes with changing hues during the different times of a day. The camel ride in these dunes or safari on a SUV will take you to mesmerizing heights of experiences. You can have the Rajput cuising and experience the life of the local people in the houses made of mud and straw and decorated like Persian carpets.

The culture and tradition of Rajputs is worth seeing in these sand dunes. Campfires can also be organized to enjoy with your fellow tourists. Ultimately, navigating through the sand dunes of Rajasthan will be a cherished memory in your lifetime.

Climatic Condition

Summer season : maximum - 49°C, minimum - 25°C, Winter season : maximum - 23.6°C, minimum - 5°C

Major Attractions

Bhangarh Fort, Bala Quila, Sariska Tiger Reserve, Salim Mahal, City Palace / Vinay Vijay Mahal, Sagar Lake.

Best Time To Visit

November to march

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