North Indian City Guide - Rajasthan - Beawar

Once a part of the magnificent district Ajmer, but later carved out from it due to its unique beauty and significance, - Beawar is now strutting its stuff as a standalone district in Rajasthan. Located in the central part of Rajasthan Beawar lies in a highland region that is adjacent to the Aravalli Range, about 55 km southwest of Ajmer. What makes Beawar so special is that this city remains the largest producer of cement in the northern part of India and also It is a mineral-rich region as it owns sources like quartz, magnesite, calcite, limestone, mica, emerald, granite, and masonry stone.

Beawar - City Guide

Besides commercial activities, this city knows how to keep travel enthusiasts entertained. To get a glimpse of the city's rich architectural heritage, head to the beautiful domed pavilion of Mahadev Ji ki Chhatri. Having a collection of exquisite miniature Rajput paintings on the walls, and also a library that has rare manuscripts, the Masuda Fort is one such place that is exclusive for anyone who loves to explore the historical side of Beawar. You'll notice some Persian influence in the paintings, and you will be surprised to see the Gopaldwara Temple nearby. Chandra Mahal welcomes you to watch the paintings of planetary systems on ceilings that are awe-inspiring. Pass through bustling markets and shops and observe the routine of the local people’s lives from a significant spot in Beawar known as Chang Gate. On the other hand, there’s the Shoolbred Memorial CNI Church stands as a testament to Beawar’s colonial past.

Apart from the historical side of Beawar, there are renowned and famous religious sites like Makardhwaj Balaji Dham dedicated to Makardhwaj the son of Hanuman as per the Hindu religion, who makes an appearance in the India’s great epic Valmiki Ramayana. And Dev Dham Devmali – an important religious site for the people who belong to the Gurjar Community. Situated on the top of a hill this temple remains the best place to meditate and. relax Beawar is the best place where you can buy Rajasthani handicrafts like Rajasthani puppets and other decorative items without emptying your wallet. The local markets are like a rainbow of ethnic awesomeness.

Post exploring numerous historical and religious places Subhash Udyan welcomes you to relax and rejuvenate this is a hub of all cultural and recreational activities in the city where you can enjoy picturesque views amidst having a good picnic if you are a big fan of a “Gala Day” then you've got to check out the Tejaji Fair and Gair Festival—they're all about celebrating the city's culture!

Climatic Conditions in Beawar

Summer Season in Beawar begins during March and lasts till June with temperatures rising to 34 °C - 41°C.Monsoon season in Beawar starts from July – September characterized by an average rainfall of 67.53 mm. winter season in Beawar starts in December and lasts until January with temperature falling to 11°C.

Best time to visit Beawar

October and March is the best time to visit Beawar.

Attractions in Beawar

Ajmeri Gate, Mewadi Gate, Banny Hill, Rajgarh Fort


1.What is the nearest airport to Beawar?

Kishangarh (KQH) Airport is the nearest to Beawar

2.Why Visit Beawar?

You should visit Beawar to check out the magnificent ancient temples.

3.What is very famous in Beawar?

Beawar is very famous being as a region rich in minerals

4.Is Beawar too hot?

Yes, Beawar is extremely hot during summer.

5. What is the famous festival in Beawar?

The annual festival Tejaji Fair and the Gair Festival are very famous in Beawar

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