North Indian City Guide - Rajasthan - Alwar

Alwar is the city with a blend of all the features of Rajasthan, right from forts to palaces and even Tiger Reserves and ancient temples. Alwar or Ulwar founded by Maharaja Jai Singh of Amer, the old seat of Jaipur, has its history that can be traced to 1000 AD. It was also taken over by the Jats and Marathas until the Kachwaha (one of the Rajput clans) ruler Pratap Singh took over and marked it as a Rajput kingdom thereafter.

Alwar - City Guide

The city has a rich history as it was ruled by several Rajput clans after the Kachwahas. The city is popular for its haunted Fort of Bhangarh, which is considered among the most haunted palaces in the world.

This attracts people from across the world that comes out of curiosity. The fort which has the grand palace at the end and several Hindu temples is not allowed to be visited before sunrise or after sunset, as the paranormal activities are evident according to the locals.

On the other hand, the ‘Bala Quila’ or the ‘Young Fort’ attracts historians for several reasons. It was the fort where Jahangir or the Mughal Prince, Salim was exiled by his father Emperor Akbar for three years. Today it is called the Salim Mahal. The fort that covers an area of 5 kilometers is built in Indo - Islamic style with beautiful carvings on its walls. It is an elaborate piece of architecture with several amazing buildings within like the Jai Mahal, Nikumbh Mahal and more.

The perfect blend of Mughal and Rajasthani architecture can be seen in the City Palace of Alwar which is also called the Vinay Vilas Mahal. Today it serves as a museum with all the memoirs and souvenirs of the past. The inside of the palace is beautiful with the murals and mirror work on the walls and ceilings, while the Sagar lake stands still outside to give a beautiful view.

While showcasing its historical and architectural wealth, Alwar also wins over with its unique wildlife spot, the Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary / Tiger Reserve. Once a hunting ground for the Maharaja of Alwar, the Sariska Tiger Reserve is renowned as the first successfully relocated Reserves, where the majestic Royal Bengal Tigers were relocated from Ranthambore. Apart from the diverse topography with rocky mountains, cliffs, thorny and also dry deciduous forests, the Reserve is known for its medieval temples, most of which are in ruins and form the most picturesque wildlife options. It is also house for the largest number of peafowls, apart from good variety of birds. Animals like Hanuman Langur, Four – Horned Antelope, Nilgai, Chausingha, Sambhar, Wild Dogs and more.That’s how Alwar provides a wide range of attractions in its own unique way to the visitors.

Climatic Condition

Alwar has dry and moderate weather conditions, compared to other cities of Rajasthan. Summers are very hot with temperature range of 28° C to 40° C from April to June. While winter months are from November to February with 8° C to 23°C temperatures. Monsoon is very short which leaves the city dry.

Major Attractions

Bhangarh Fort, Bala Quila, Sariska Tiger Reserve, Salim Mahal, City Palace / Vinay Vijay Mahal, Sagar Lake.

Best Time To Visit

September to March

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