North Indian City Guide - Rajasthan - Ajmer

The city surrounded by the Aravalli Mountains and known for being a pilgrimage spot gets round 1, 50,000 people every day from across the country and world.

Ajmer - City Guide

The base for Pushkar and a must visit for several pilgrims, Ajmer as a town stands out for its simplicity and pious beauty. The major attraction here is the Ajmer Sharif Dargha or shrine of Khwaja Moinudin Chisti, which is the reason behind the great number of visitors to the small city.

Despite being a Muslim Shrine, the Dargha has good numbers of Hindus as well, who come for pilgrimage to the tomb of the saint. The several miracles attached to the shrine lead more people to visit it. Some come to offer prayers, which some to offer thanks giving when their prayers are answered.

The Dargha also stands out for its cultural beauty. One must not miss the evening light ceremony that takes place before the prayers, when the workers light up lamps and candles. Also, the “qawwalis” (sufi songs) sung by devotional singers in the Ajmer Sharif hall is a must watch. The shrine continues to be the perfect example of Mughal architecture with the structures like the Nizam Gate, Buland Darwaza, jama Masjid, Mehfilkhana and others.

Another mysterious place is the ‘Adhai Din ka Jhopra’ or the mosque which is believed to have been built in two and a half days by Qutub - ud - Din - Aibak, the first Sultan of Delhi. Though unsure about this fact, the mosque which is built from the remains of Jain and Hindu templesis a beautiful place to visit and is still used for offering prayers.

Among these ancient monuments stands a calm and composed wonder of traditional and modern architecture, the ‘Nareli Jain Temple’. This temple is not just a place of worship, but a place to enjoy the calm atmosphere and the beauty of angular designs used in its architecture. Another such outstanding Jain temple is the ‘Soniji Ki Nasiyan’ also called the Lal Mandir (Red Temple), has the breath - taking display of sculptures and the ‘Sun City’ which is the golden replica of Ayodhya. The architecture is a blend on Anglo - Rajputana style, which makesinteresting.

The city also beholds the famous Museum in memory of Akbar, the great Mughal ruler and his troops. This was the same place where they had stayed on the way and today its showcases the various weapons and sculptures from the era. Hence, the small city of Ajmer beholds a range of history and religious blend through its monuments and religious places of worship.

Climatic Condition

Ajmer experiences hot, semi - arid type of climate, with mild winters that prevail from November to February when average temperature is between 15° C and 18°C. Summer months start from March when the temperatures can go beyond 40° C. Monsoons range from June to September with moderate rainfall.

Major Attractions

Ajmer Sharif Dargha, Adhai Din ki Jhopri, Akbar’s Place and Museum, Nareli Jain Temple, Soniji ki Nasiyan

Best Time To Visit

November to February

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