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A selected list of 20 beautiful temples in Tamil Nadu with your family. This is not written in any particular order and these 20 temples are just a starter to your Tamil Nadu Temple experience. If you want to witness living temples with lively streets, head to Tamil Nadu before going to Angkor Wat in Cambodia. The best temple destination in the world is Tamil Nadu and places like Kumbakonam, Trichy, Madurai, Coimbatore, and Tanjore are solid proofs. If you are thinking where to go after lockdown, come to Tamil Nadu and experience spirituality dissolving into you. The most sacred temple destination in the world is undoubtedly Tamil Nadu.

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#1 Tanjore Big Temple: The 8th Wonder of the World

The Great Raja Raja Cholan’s Tanjore Big Temple is more than 1000 years old. The temple architecture and secrets surrounding this iconic shrine of Lord Shiva are unearthly. This temple should have got a spot in the new wonders of the world list. Udayar, Vibrant at 1000: Big Temple, and Mysteries of Tanjore Temple books can throw light on the architectural marvel of this timeless temple.

Do You Know: It was Marathas who gave the name Brihadeeswara Temple

Address: Membalam Rd, Balaganapathy Nagar, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu 613007

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#2 Rockfort Temple: The Living Rock of Trichy

The presence of a spiritually and historically important rock in the middle of the city sends peaceful vibes throughout Trichy. This rock is more than 3.7 billion years old and hosts three individual shrines. At the Bottom – Manikka Vinayagar Temple (Lord Ganesha), in the middle – Thayumanvarswamy Temple (Lord Shiva) along with Mattuvar Kuzhalammai (Parvati), and at the top – Ucchi Pillayar Kovil (Lord Ganesha).

Do You Know: Rockfort is older than the Himalayas and Greenland.

Address: Tiruchirapalli Rock Fort, N Andar St, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu 620002

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#3 Erumbeeshwarar Temple: The Temple of Legends

The legend is that Vayu (Lord of Wind) God’s physical prowess had split Meru mountains into pieces. The beautiful hill where the temple is present is a piece of the Meru Mountains. Another interesting mythological story explains how Devas (celestial creatures with godly characters) worshipped Lord Shiva, disguising themselves like ants, tricking the demons. The Lingam here is a sand linga and it is believed those who pray in this temple can avoid their fears and attract prosperity to the family.

Do You Know: Aditya Chola had built this temple to commemorate his win in Thiruppurambhiyam Battle.

Address: Malaikoil, Thiruverumbur, Tamil Nadu 620013

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#4 Srirangam Temple: The Lord of Vishnu Temples

The reclining deity of the Hindu God Lord Vishnu in this temple is as powerful as the one in Tirumala Temple in Tirupathi. Srirangam is regarded as the most renowned in all of the 108 Divya Desams. On the banks of Cauvery, this lustrous and holiest of all Vishnu temples in India attracts millions of tourists from all over the world. The temple tower or Gopura is the tallest in Asia at an astounding 239 feet.

Do you know: Lakhs of devotees visit Srirangam during Vaikunta Ekadasi Festival. It is believed those who worship Lord Ranga when the Paramapada Vaasal or Sorga Vaasal (Gates of Heaven) are opened are guaranteed a long and peaceful life. The energy and positive aura of this festival are unmatchable to anything on earth.

Address: Srirangam, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu 620006

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#5 Thiruvanaikovil Temple: The Water Sthalam

The breathtaking pillars and detailings etched all over the temple make Jambukeshwar Temple near Srirangam Temple a must-visit for all kinds of travelers. Being one of the Pancha Bootha Sthalams (Temples of Five Elements of Nature), Thiruvanaikovil represents the water element. Lord Shiva and Akilandeshwari are the presiding deities of this temple.

Do You Know: Thiru (Holy) + Aanai (Elephant) + Kaa (Forest) = Thiruvanaikoil. There is a beautiful legend behind this name which involves a spider and an elephant.

Address: N Car St, Srirangam, Thiruvanaikoil, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu 620005

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#6 Meenakshi Amman Temple: The Symbol of Madurai

If explorers wish to experience the Indian version of Athens, Madurai and Meenakshi Amman are there for their history quest. Like a serpent coiling the boundaries, the City of Madurai hosts Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple. Being a UNESCO contender, countless statues, colorful festivals, Goddess Meenakshi, and music emanating pillars recite the culture of Pandyan Kingdom, Tamil, and Madurai, the oldest living city in India.

Do You Know: The Pandyan Kingdom is the oldest democratic kingdom in the world.

Address: Madurai Main, Madurai, Tamil Nadu 625001

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#7 Gangaikonda Cholapuram: Like Father, Like Son

The successor of King Raja Raja Chola was King Rajendra who was the resilient King in the Chola Dynasty next to his father. King Rajendra was keen on expanding the horizon of the Chola Dynasty and he conquered the Kingdoms covering North India and River Ganges. As he was so victorious in defeating all the other Kingdoms, he was acclaimed as “Gangai Kondan”. To commemorate his continuous victories, he decided to build a temple as a replica of his father’s in all aspects. That magnificent temple is located in a small town called Gangai Konda Cholapuram.

Do You Know: The architecture of the Nandi (Bull) idol reflects sunlight into the sanctum sanctorum of Lord Shiva or Shivalinga.

Address: Gangaikonda Cholapuram, Jeyankondam, Tamil Nadu 612901

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#8 Airavateshwara Temple: A Chiseled Chariot

Named after the elephant Airavatha, this temple in Darasuram is one of the three legendary Chola temples. Shaped like a chariot, this temple has a mysterious secret like many other mysterious temples of India. Rajaraja Chola II had built this highly detailed temple in the 12th century. Airavatheshwara is located in Kumbakonam just 50 km away from its elder brother in Tanjore. Both of them along with the middle brother in Jeyankondam made it to the UNESCO World Heritage Site list long ago.

Do You Know: The musical staircase of Airavateshvara Temple produces carnatic musical notes

Address: Gurunathan Pillai Colony, Dharasuram, Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu 612702

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#9 Thiruparankundram Temple: Swashbuckling Tales

Being one of the six houses of Lord Muruga, Thiruparankuram is one of the highly revered Tamil temples in South India. A 6th century temple made of rock-cut architecture by the Pandya Kingdom. This is where Lord Murugan had defeated the powerful demon king Surapaduman and married Deivanai, the daughter of the Lord of Heaven, Indra. There is evidence of this temple being present before the 6th century. It was believed to be a Jain cave and it was Gajapathy, the ruler of the later Pandyas who had annexed this place and converted into a Shaivite temple. A temple of beautiful and colourful Tamil festivals. 

Do You Know: It was in Thiruparankundram temple, Thirugnana Sambandhar had met the primary rulers of Tamil Nadu – Cheras, Cholas, and Pandyas on a single occasion.

Address: Thiruparankundram, Tamil Nadu 625005

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#10 Thillai Nataraja Temple: The Skies of Wisdom

A place where art and spirituality comes into play, one of the Pancha Bootha Sthalas (this temple represents the Sky Element). R & D, scientists from the west have proved the fact that the big toe of Lord Shiva is the Center of the Magnetic Equator of Planet Earth. Lord Shiva is seen as Lord Nataraja, in the Cosmic Dance form. While this powerful temple represents the breath and nine bodily openings of all human beings in its architectural design.

Do You Know: Renowned Tamil Scholar Thirumoolar had stated about the recent discoveries some 5000 years ago!

Address: Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu 608001

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#11 Palani Murugan Temple: Bogar, The Alchemist

The highly revered home of Lord Dandayudhapani is a powerful conglomeration of Tamil culture, history, sages, heroics, spirituality, literature, and natural healing techniques. Bogar, a noteworthy Siddhar, had built a Lord Muruga Statue using nine poisons, termed as Nava (nine) Pashanam (poison). The famous alchemist’s substance proportions are yet to be researched and discovered. Visiting Palani Temple and eating temple offerings that were used for the abhishegam of the Nava Pashanam are said to have strong healing properties. 

Do You Know: Conservative Muslims pay visit to this temple and they worship the Palani Murugan as Palani Badshah. Incredible, right?

Address: Giri Veethi, Palani, Tamil Nadu 624601

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#12 Thiruvannamalai Temple: The Hills of Holy Fire

The Temple of Fire, Arunachaleshwara in Tamil Nadu is where mythology states that Lord Shiva had appeared as fire before Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma. The abode of not only the fierce form of Lord Shiva but also the internationally famous saint – Ramana Maharishi. During the winter season, Karthigai Deepam festival is celebrated with large gatherings of devotees from all parts of the world. The nine-mile Circumambulation of this holy hill during the full-moon day is considered auspicious. The divine energy surrounding Annamalaiyar Temple and Ramana Ashram is unmatchable with any other mountains of the world. The whole mountain of Arunachaeshwara is considered as a Shivling. There is also a strong connection between Machu Picchu and Thiruvannamalai Temple from ancient times. 

Do You Know: The Geographical Survey of India states that the Thiruvannamali Hill is more than 3.5 Billion Years Old.

Address: Pavazhakundur, Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu 606601

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#13 Thiruchendur Temple: The Seaside Slaughterer

Believed to be built by the divine architect Mayan, Tiruchendur Temple in Thoothukudi is the only Lord Muruga Abode to be present on the coastal zone. Legend explains how Lord Muruga cam to says the Devas who were troubled by the Asura monarch Surapadman of Mahendrapur. An event called ‘Kandha Sashti’ is celebrated on this day to celebrate the victory of ord Muruga over the arrogant king Surapadman who had ruled all the three worlds. Lord Shiva to end the cruel deeds of King Surapadman sent Karthikeya to demolish his kingdom and rule. Using his lance Lord Muruga had slaughtered King Surapadman into pieces.

Do You Know: It is believed that the soil in Tiruchendur had turned red after the battle of Asuras and Devas during King Surapadman’s reign.

Address: Tiruchendur, Thoothukudi – 628215

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#14 Swamimalai Temple: The Cosmic Sound’s Shrine

With three Praharams and three Gopurams, Swamimalai Temple is different from most of the temples in Tamil Nadu. Statues pile up the Gopuram on the Five-storied South Side. The remaining two entrances have no towers above them. The Praharam arrangement is peculiar in this temple; the first one is at downhill while the second one is half-way to the temple top and the third one is at the top circulating the sanctum. After you walk past the Kalyana Mandapam and Raja Gopuram, a shrine dedicated to Goddess Sakthi is present at the base. Lord Muruga is worshipped here as Guru as he teaches Lord Shiva about the meaning of ‘OM’ while many different deities associated with the temple’s legend are depicted half-way to the temple top.

Do You Know: The 60 Temple Steps in this Lord Muruga’s abode represent the 60 Tamil years.

Address: 10, Vatampokki Street, Taluk, Swamimalai, Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu 612302

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#15 Thiruthani Temple: The Peaceful Panacea

According to legend, Thiruthani as the fifth battleground of Lord Karthikeya or Muruga is also where he had married Valli, a tribal devotee. Another legend explains how Lord Indra lost all his wealth after giving Airavatha, the white elephant as a gift to Lord Muruga for marrying his daughter Deivanai. Later, the elephants were kept east facing, thereby making Lord Indra retain all his wealth. Devotees believe that those who pray in this temple can reduce their anger and thereby remain peaceful. The sandal paste offering here is not applied on the forehead but dissolved in water and drunk. It is believed to cure all kinds of ailments and diseases. The 365 steps in this temple represent 365 days of the year.

Do You Know: Lord Rama had come to Thiruthani Temple to pray Lord Muruga after worshipping Lord Ramanathaswamy after his battle with King Ravana

Address: Thiruthani Hill, Thiruttani, Tamil Nadu 631209

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#16 Pazhamudircholai Temple: The Wordplay Master

The sixth abode of Lord Muruga is perched upon a hill station that is 1100 feet above sea level. It is here the popular tale of his devotee Avvayar and the young curious boy took place. Disguised himself as a mischievous young boy, Lord Muruga is said to have taught a beautiful lesson to Avvayar, the highly revered female poet of the Sangam Era. Goddess Valli is worshipped as Iccha Shakti, Lord Murugan is worshipped as Jnana Shakti while Goddess Deivanai is worshipped as Kriya Shakti. The Indian Blackberry or Jamun Fruit (Naaval Palam) in Tamil usually grows during the Tamil months of Aadi and Aavani while in Pazhamudircholai this tree bears fruit during the Aipasi months. The famous Sashti Festival of Lord Muruga happens at this time.

Do You Know: Noopura Ganga, a natural spring dedicated to Raakkayi Amman is located at the top of hill. Bathing in this water is believed to improve health and wealth of a devotee.

Address: Alagar Hills R.F, Tamil Nadu 624401

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#17 Kal Garuda Temple: The Divine Birdie

Being one of the 108 Divya Desams, this temple honours the woman deity Nachiyar first and then Srinivasa, the male deity joins the procession. The mystery unfolds only when the Kal Garuda (The Stone Eagle Structure) is taken out during the procession. Initially, only four people are required to carry the stone Garuda out of the sanctum sanctorum and the number multiplies to 8, 16, and 32 men. The weight of the stone Garuda keeps increasing from the moment it is taken out of its holy shrine. Devotees who pray to the Kal Garuda have immediately cleared off all Doshas, especially Naga Dosha is eliminated.

Do You Know: The Kal Garuda Nachiyar Koil is built by the Chola King Chenganan and his one and only Vaishnavite temple out of the 71 temples.

Address: Enanallur, Tamil Nadu 612602

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#18 Marudhamalai Temple: The Abode of Healing Herbs

Bound with natural beauty and supernatural powers, Marudhamalai Temple in Coimbatore is perched upon a small hillock 500 m above sea level. Climb all the 700 steps to reach the temple top or drive curving through the picturesque roadways to get to the shrine easily. Pambatti Siddhar, the one who consumes snake poison had lived near this temple and is said to have attained the eight supernatural powers (Ashtama Siddhi) being a troglodyte. Marudhamalai is also called Marundhumalai which means The Mountain of Medicines in Tamil. “Kayakalpam” or the holy panacea of salvation is highly sought by saints and hermits. In Hindu culture, there is a sacred cow called Kamadhenu and it is said to have grazed around this hillock in the ancient times. Going to Marudhamalai is as same as visiting the holiest temples of India, due to its medicinal properties.

Do You Know: The shrine of Idumba is a highly revered place in Marudhamalai Hills where couples go after marriage to clear obstacles on their way to attaining motherhood and fatherhood.

Address: Temple Rd, Marudhamalai Adivaram, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641046

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#19 Ettukai Amman Temple: Goddess of Kolli Hills

As the abode of enchanting happenings, Kolli Hills has its own enchantress. a divine protector, the forest fairy Kollipavai. She is believed to be the guardian angel of the Valvil Ori’s kingdom of Kollimalai. Kolli Hills is the most mysterious and magical hills in the whole world. People still believe this place is fully blessed by Siddhars and saints. While there are evidences of normal people meeting extraordinary human creatures in this sacred territory. Even today, many occult practitioners believe Siddhars to roam and meditate on Terra incognito of Kolli Hills. Kolli Pavai is the last surviving female deities of the Kumari Kandam or Lemuria. People visit the temple of the eight-handed goddess in Kolli Hills to end their resentment, fear, and doubts. The tied up letters in bells carry task accomplished gratitude notes to thank the savior goddess. Likewise, Arappaleeswarar Temple Temple, Masi Periyavar Temple, and Kamatchi Amman Temple are other powerful temples to visit in Kolli Hills in Namakkal District.

Do You Know: Kolli Hills is known as the “Mountain of Death” for its sharp hairpin bends, a beautiful road for road-trip enthusiasts.

Address: MDR690, Ariyurnadu, Tamil Nadu 637411

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#20 Thirunageswaram Temple: The Dragon Head Temple

Known as the Rahu Sthalam, Thirunageswaram Naganatham Temple is a Lord Shiva shrine in a place called Thirunageswaram. In the outskirts of Kumbakonam, Thirunageswaram Temple is a highly revered shrine out of all Navagraha Shrines. Naganathar Swamy or Nageswarar is the presiding deity of this temple while Girigujambikai is the presiding goddess. The speciality of this temple is that Goddess Ambal is worshipped as a small girl in the morning, a young lady in the afternoon, and as an adult lady in the evening. Rahu Bhagavan is seen here with a human face which is unusual as he is usually seen with a serpent face. Here NagaValli and NagaKanni are with Naganathswamy as his consorts in the originally Senbaka Trees manifested zone. Lord Naganathaaswamy is also known as Senbagarane Eswara. Nandi, the vehicle of Lord Shiva had attained the status of Nandeeswaran in this temple. Offering milk is the best advice for warding off malefic effects of Rahu. Pay a visit with your family and get the blessings of Lord Shiva.

Do You Know: Rahu contributes to the wordy desires, luxury, pleasure, and other mystical happenings in your life. Those who enjoy a lavishing lifestyle should have good placement of Rahu in their horoscope.

Address: Thirunageswaram, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu 612204

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You don’t have to know complicated Vedas and other slogans to attain spirituality if you have humanity at the core of your heart, you’re already higher on the scale.

Let the Divine Force enrich you and your family. Heal your heart and eliminate your fears, worries, and depression visiting the temples of Tamil Nadu. You don’t have to travel elsewhere for attaining spirituality when you have Tamil Nadu to take care of all your spiritual and mental health needs.

Welcome to the most hospitable and realistic place on our planet.

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