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Words carry their aura, necessary to connect with human emotion. You might have heard about words like travel freak, wanderlust, and adventure junkies. This list is a collection of 20 non-English words that almost every traveler should know. Travel has the power to trigger inexplicable emotions, but you cannot describe it in a single word. The set of words here will make you easily explain your feeling. Just a single word but countless stories more to come.

Hodophile (Greek)

Hodophile - A Lover of Roads

Are you that person who’d hit the highways often? Many picturesque roads in India gush through wild terrains like Nagarhole and the extremeness of the Himalayas. You are a HODOPHILE in this case. You can use this greek word in your social media profile to explain to the world how a clean highway can excite you. 

Voorpret (Dutch)

The anticipation and unconditional high you have before an event or festival. How often have you realized more than Christmas, Diwali, Halloween, a film release, and going home, the pre-feeling of being a part of that experience, atmosphere, and place, create a beautiful vibe? The more you are in touch with VOORPRET, the more blissful your life is.

Fernweh (German)

The desire to travel to distant places and far-off islands are the outcomes of strong human persuasions. FERNWEH does not contain a romantic consumeristic emotion but an old seeking from the days of hunter-gatherers. Humans crave for a foreign place other than their home for its unknown aura and appeal.

Thalassophile (Greek)

Do stories of mermaids, sounds of whales, gigantic luxury ships, and sights of sun-lit beaches excite you, welcome aboard, Captain! You are a THALASSOPHILE. If you are one true sea lover, you should not miss this curious behavior of sea turtles and how it played an essential part in shaping the earliest culture of humankind.

Trouvaille (French)

Imagine climbing a steep slope without any second thoughts and landing on a cinematic peak all alone. By chance, you discover a rare python coiled up to a tall tree branch. That is pretty much a TROUVAILLE moment to be treasured in your memory forever.

Eudaimonia (Greek)

Think of traveling to a place where luxury is entwined in perfect proportion with Nature; you are peeking through one of the french windows, and your child is playing in an open jacuzzi with her father. You close your eyes to pause that moment, and what you had just experienced is EUDAIMONIA, the perfect state of happiness.

Sehnsucht (German)

The longing for unearthly places of the world, like Door to Hell in Turkmenistan, equalling the volcano of Mordor in the Lord of the Rings, Mount Roraima bordering Venezuela, Brazil, and Guyana, and landscapes like Da Vinci drawn portraits is called SEHNSUCHT.

Nemophilist (Greek)

A big hello to all Mowglis out there in big cities and small hamlets. You might feel fish out of water staying in planned places. Get into the wild and let your soul wander in the densest green corridors of the world. Show the world how much of a NEMOPHILIST you are.

Resfeber (Swedish)

The restlessness a traveler feels before the start of a journey is RESFEBER. You might have a sleepless night if you are starting early and drop things hastily while packing for a long weekend. Your curiosity for the destination is over the moon and you are on cloud nine.

Solivagant (Latin)

Have you thought of exploring an unknown or unvisited destination all alone? You are a solitary wanderer of new lands, and the scent of terra incognita pulls you like a mystical jinx. A true SOLIVAGANT has no fear of foreign lands and unexplored territories.

Wayfarer (Middle English)

If walking is your thing and likes to explore vibrant streets and markets of a city on foot, you are an ecological WAYFARER. Not only pilgrims but if the whole world decides to walk more, this world will be a happy place.

Livsnjutare (Swedish)

Are you trying to be a part of an extreme lifestyle where life happens at its fullest form? Can you picture yourself drinking water from a jungle stream, conversing with the universe, and putting a temporary tent on a forbidden mountain, congrats to your courage, LIVSNJUTARE. You are a miracle.

Peregrinate (Latin)

A drifter or a professional backpacker will justify the meaning of this word. It is not an easy job to PEREGRINATE often unless you are a fit person. The more new places a traveler goes, the more likely they will face predicaments. The novel experience is what makes the whole journey meaningful.

Hygge (Danish/Norwegian)

Do you remember those good old days when your favorite people fill up your couch, bed, and chairs? Either you go on a movie marathon or catch up with the board games with total ease. That continuous comfort feel is HYGGE.

Sonder (German)

The beautiful realization of human beings that ever random passerby is living a life with the same amount of problems and intensity as one’s own. Let us say you are having a splendid dinner time with your spouse. You overlook the adjacent table and see a happy couple and SONDER about their life events.

Onism (Danish)

Every one of us would have had this feeling of dissatisfaction when it comes to living a life of satisfaction. You would have traveled across all seven continents, but the number of experiences you have encountered is negligible compared to the size of this universe. When we understand ONISM, we know the significance of every single day in our life.

Waldensamkeit (German)

Spirituality is usually connected with forests, and those who seek jungles, pursue it for spiritual reasons. Not all those who wander are lost, and the following quote stands true for forest dwellers. From nature walking enthusiasts to those who love spending time on treehouses, WALDEINSAMKEIT is a common emotion.

Forelsket (Danish)

A particular place keeps haunting our minds whenever we think about leisure and happy times. Either the people we meet in that place or the food we ate there spread like the most wanted beautiful thoughts throughout our body. It sends jitters all over, and FORELSKET is a powerful emotion to be experienced by all human beings.

Numinous (Latin)

NUMINOUS can be as simple as waking up along with the sun in your bedroom to spotting the beautiful oasis town of Phalodi in the middle of the Thar desert. It illuminates your soul and makes you believe in magic in life.

Meraki (Greek)

Usually, MERAKI is often used in art, culinary, and passion, but why not traveling? Just embracing a heritage site and letting all your soulful emotions take a deep breath inside its natural fortress is also Meraki.

Make sure your comment, which of these 20 words connects with your current or past travel feelings. A story about your journey will be fantastic to read too. Now, travelers can see the ray of hope shining stronger than before.

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