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Rajasthan, land of kings, but also of forts, palaces, camel trains, villagers in colourful traditional clothing, vast deserts, and a whole lot more. Easily the most visited state of India and a magnet for travellers from around the world, there are parts of Rajasthan which are edging towards being a bit over-exposed to tourism, but happily for the visitor, this vast state has many layers, and a lot of places still waiting to be discovered.

Popular Tour Itineraries of Rajasthan

Indian Panorama can help you explore Rajasthan in the way which best suits your interests- cities, deserts, villages, wildlife- we will customise a plan to ensure you never forget your time in Rajasthan.

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Rajasthan City Guide

The popular cities in Rajasthan have been listed in this section with the basic information every traveler will be in need of. Planning your trip to Rajasthan will be much more easier with these details for a value added vacation

Top Tourist Attractions of Rajasthan

The most popular destinations of Rajasthan have been listed in this page. The centuries old palaces and forts, sanctuaries and the exquisite explorations can never be missed.

Activities to do in Rajasthan

Strolling around the palace sitting on the back of the elephant, overnight stay in the tented camps of the deserts, bird watching, jeep safari into the jungle are some of the popular activities recommended during your trip to Rajasthan

Temples to Visit in Rajasthan

The temples of Rajasthan are much fascinating telling you bundles of stories about the yesteryears’ dynasty. The Ranakpur temple’s architecture is never affordable to be missed during your trip to Rajasthan

Monuments in Rajasthan

The living legendary architectures of Rajasthan which are centuries old, still retain its grace and charm attracting tourists round the year.