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If you’re reading this right now, you have done yourself a favor today. The upcoming facts and feelings will make your day. This is a length piece so set your mood right and start exploring. You have probably heard about a place in India called Tamil Nadu. Sure, there are tour packages like India’s Golden Triangle, Monuments Tour of Delhi, and Backwater Tours of Alleppey in Kerala. But Tamil Nadu is an entirely different emotion. The most realistic state is also the most visited state in India in 2019 and for a good number of reasons.

Ayer is a Tamil name and Ulluru means hometown in Tamil

Many of you might have known about the top-notch highways, caring people, and good connectivity between villages and cities. You might be reading this piece sitting in Mexico, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, or Greece. But if you track back in time and visit the prehistoric era (if Elon Musk comes with a beautiful Time Travel device), your ancestral origins would have a connection with Tamil. No! This isn’t fiction and here are proofs – The Aborigines of Australia would call their Mom as “Aayi” (a dialect of many Tamil hamlets), Muhayideen Baksh’s Ship’s Bell found recently in New Zealand had Tamil letters inscribed in it, East Africa is full of Tamil dialects even in its countries names – Eritrea (Eri means fire in Tamil), Ethiopia (thi – fire), Congo (Kangu – fire), Sudan (sudu – fire): They all collectively represent the hot weather conditions of the East African region.

Indian Panorama What's the Ancient Connection between Thiruvannamalai in  India and Machu Picchu Mountains in Peru? - Part 1 - Indian Panorama
The connection between Peru and Tamil

If you’re a lover of Mexico cuisine, get ready to be blindfolded and tricked with a similar dish that isn’t Mexican but Tamil. No, we’re not exaggerating the facts. From Scandinavian countries, North American countries, to South American countries, the reach of a culture had been strong. Why? Because a certain portion of the homo sapiens understood their presence and purpose on planet Earth before other people started cultivating civilizations. That’s why Tamil is not only the oldest civilized society but also the oldest trade language of the world. The Masters of the Oceans.

Indian Panorama TAMIL, the oldest Language and Lap of the world | The  Masters of the Oceans - Part 1 - Indian Panorama
They united the seas – The First Masterstroke in Trading

So, Tamil Nadu is connected with the world. What’s the big deal? How it will improve my overall physical and mental well-being?

For what reasons should I visit Tamil Nadu and is Tamil Nadu a good place for honeymooners, explorers, historians, and senior citizens? Where to go in Tamil Nadu after lockdown? Is Tamil Nadu open for tourists in 2021 January? We get plenty of questions like this and so our answers.

Here is why you must travel with your family to Tamil Nadu after lockdown or in 2021. 9 worthy reasons to consider while travelling to Tamil Nadu.

#1 Attract Good Vibes from the Great Temples

Have you ever felt overwhelmingly blessed and spiritually connected to the core. If you think you did, think again. Because no land on our Blue Planet is as holy as Tamil Nadu. You can erect Burj Khalifa, the Roman Colosseum, and other architectural marvels that creates a physical and mental excitement while seeing them. But a Shiva Linga inside a temple was not placed just like that. You have to abide by the spiritual laws of the universe before consecrating a divine structure. Most of the ancient temples has a blissful vibe that a human body needs the most. From departments of gods and goddesses to different levels of holiness, the ancient temples of Tamil Nadu are divinity in an encrypted form. You can tap open your spirituality inside Ancient Tamil Temples if you have the urge to become spiritually open. All your depression and negative thoughts will vanish into thin air if you’re fully present inside any ancient temple in South India. So, take those good vibes back home visiting your prehistorical ancestral home – Tamil Nadu.

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#2 Know Why Food is the Best Medicine

Spices! The Reason for Low Corona Mortality Rate in South India. Kerala comes into the picture when you think of those stimulating crunches. But not many know how Kerala was also a part of the Tamil culture before and slowly became a different land altogether. The oldest of the Dravidian languages is Tamil (more than 3000 years old) and that’s why their food habits are far different from the rest of the world. From eating in Banana leaves to treating food like medicine, Tamil culture is evolved so much to teach the whole world about their eating habits. Before Pharma took over the world, spices right out of Tamil kitchen took care of headaches, cold, heart burns, ulcers, and even Cancer. Know why fruits like Mango are treasure to the world. The beauty of Tamil Kitchens relies on its location – A dish prepared in Chettinad style is different from Madurai and Kanyakumari. A culinary tour in Tamil Nadu will open up unveiled taste buds in your tongue for sure.

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#3 Learn from the World’s Oldest Culture

Many have been benefited from the oldest culture on Earth and the Chinese are one of the highly benefited people when it comes to learning from the Tamil culture. Tamil is in their Kung Fu, in their Gods, kingdoms, and even in their temples. That is why Xi Jinping came to Mahabalipuram in India out of all the places in the Indian Subcontinent. Their respect for the Pallava king Bodhi Dharma became evident from the visit of the Chinese Prime Minister in 2019. The Indian Prime Minister has also expressed his love for Tamil by mentioning it as a must-read language that is older than Sanskrit.

Why Mamallapuram Was Chosen To Host The India-China Summit in 2019

#4 Relearn Life from the Tamil Prophets

From Ramana Maharishi in Thiruvannamalai to 18 highly revered Siddhars, everyone has left their vibe in some form either in temples or in places like Kollimalai and rivers like Cauvery. For example, if you plan to visit Kollimala, you must understand you are entering a mystical hill station. It isn’t popular like Ooty and Kodaikanal but it is the most magical place in the world. There have been thousands of Tamil Prophets lived in this holy hill station. The best meditation experts of the world will tell you how places like Kolli Hills are a boon to humanity. Likewise, saint Ramana Maharishi has once told a devotee how Machu Picchu was the underground of the sacred hills in Thiruvannamalai. Revered saints like Agathyar and Bogar have left immense positive vibrations for humanity, either in the form of books or in certain holy destinations. If you’re still wondering how, go visit a hill temple of Lord Muruga in Palani, Tiruchendur, or Maruthamalai with a selfless mindset and you’ll relearn life in its auspicious aura. Share us your change of thoughts and feelings afterward!

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#5 Get Blessings From the Founder of Yoga

Sage Maharishi Patanjali is the original founder of Yoga. Get the blessings from the master before you kick start your career in Yoga. You can be a novice Yoga instructor or a practitioner and so you must know where it all started. Brahmapureeswarar Temple located in Tirupattur near Trichy holds the highly revered Samadhi of the real founder of Yoga – Sage Maharishi Pathanjali. He had attained Jeeva Samadhi in this temple through Yogic meditation, the most advanced form of meditation known to mankind. What a blessing it will be for explorers who want nothing but positive vibes flowing everywhere during this post pandemic time…!?

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#6 Celebrate Different Weather Conditions

Every place in Tamil Nadu has a different weather or at least by some extent. Take Chennai for example, it has a manageable weather and beaches make Chennai a beautiful tropical destination. Central Tamil Nadu has a mild winter weather from October to February while hill destinations like Ooty and Kodaikanal have a pleasant climate conducive for honeymooners. Throughout the year, these destinations have a great number of tourist arrivals. If you’re planning for a honeymoon in Tamil Nadu, places like Poombarai, Mannavanur, Kookal, and Vattakanal are must-visit attractions. Try the Middle-Eastern menu in Lonely Planet recommended Altaf’s Cafe and accommodate yourself above the clouds. You can pray with your family in Palani Murugan Temple and then drive for less than 2 hours to reach Kodaikanal. Don’t miss your Instagram worthy selfies in Coakers Walk.

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#7 Enjoy the Company of the Realistic Folks

If smiling is an art, then Tamil people are the pure sculptors of it. If you are a guest to a Tamil villager’s home, you’d receive the most highest form of hospitality – smile, followed by water, food, and an unexpected cultural tour without asking. You’d be lost in those beautiful being’s hospitality. It is rare to find such purity but it is still present in the traditional villages of Tamil Nadu.

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#8 Heal Your Heart in Happening Festivals

Every Tamil festival is accompanied by thunderstorm alike rhythmic beats, vibrant music, and dance. For example, Pongal celebrates the Sun God, Thai Poosam celebrates Lord Muruga and devotees go super frenzy showing their utmost devotion to their God. Think of your family and friends participating in such a marvel, all your worries and fears will dissolve in the wild atmosphere of these Tamil festivals. Many researchers believe in introducing music to cure ailments in the human body. It is a natural therapy backed by the oldest civilization in the world. Come feel your body swing in joy goosebumps after goosebumps in the happening festivals of Tamil Nadu. Enough confinement due to the pandemic! Now its time to dance to the tunes of folk music.

The ancient art of Tamil Nadu – Embracing the Bull

#9 Support Sustainable Tourism via Shopping

The Goddess of Silk Sarees is in Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu. From the sizzling shades of the dyes used with 57% silver and 0.6% gold to the perfect camouflage of the interlinking portions of ‘Pallu’ (the loose end), everything about Kanchipuram Silks is eccentric. More than 5000 families depend on this artistic weaving technique. Kanchipuram Sarees are exported to different regions of the world like Italy, Russia, Sri Lanka, and the USA. The legend of Lord Vishnu gives an important place to this silk fabric in which two skilled workers perform different work. One weaves while the other dyes and it takes more time to complete one single sari. Prices range from 50 dollars to 2000 US dollars. But it is worth the investment as Kanchipuram Pattu (Silk) has a longer life than most of the Sarees of the world. Drape the heritage of the City of 1000 Temples, Kanchipuram which has been active since the Tamil Sangam Era and support Sustainable Tourism. This heritage saree town is located at a distance of 75 km from Chennai International Airport.

The Saree Tour of India for the world

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Thanks for reading till here. If you’re thinking right now about the greatness of Tamil, you can visit Tamil Nadu to quench the explorer’s thirst. Start from ancient temples as a starter to explore the richness and vastness of the world’s greatest cultural asset – Tamil. A mini but mighty universe!

Start your 2021 Holidays from Tamil Nadu.

Your Prehistoric Home!

Come home, world of travellers.

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