Gujarat Cultural & tribal tour

Gujarat is a diverse and vibrant place, it is slowly emerging from the shadow of its famous neighbouring state, Rajasthan, as a tourist destination.

Like most of India, Gujarat is something of a place of contradictions. On the one hand, it is perhaps India’s most modern and affluent state and yet its rural areas are known for the simple, semi-nomadic peoples of the pastoral groups who roam the desert and semi-desert region of Kutch in the northwest. There are also many tribal groups in the hills in the north of the state near the border with Rajasthan.

The westernmost state of the country encompassed with some of the remnants of the Indus Valley Civilization, Gujarat is proudly known as the “Jewel of India”. The beautiful beaches and the ancient temples and the sanctuaries with the rare Asiatic Lions make Gujarat a promising destination for the tourists from across the globe.

The various museums dotted across the state await you to tell thousands of stories about the forefathers of the states and their reputations. The Mandvi Beach in Kutch, the temple complex encompassing 600 temples in Palitana, the Shiva Temple in Somnath, the Sun Temple in Modhera are few of the most interesting tourist destinations in Gujarat.

Discover its many hidden treasures, savour the history and exquisite architectural styles and cultural influences from throughout the history of Gujarat, enjoy the rich wildlife parks, colourful festivals and eclectic traditions – Gujarat has something for everyone.

Must do things in Gujarat

Visit to Calico Museum

Appropriately enough for a city that owes its prosperity to three threads – cotton, silk and gold – Ahmedabad has one of the finest textile museums in the world.

Adalaj Step Well

The step well at the village of Adalaj is another fine example of this magnificent architectural form.

Tribal Villages near Bhuj

The desert town located between the Bhujia Dungar and the Hamirsar Lake. The prominent attractions of Bhuj are the Banni Villages.

Somnath Temple

One of the twelve Jyothirlingams in India, invaded by the Islam dynasties several times.

How Our Guests Explored Gujarat

How you could tour Gujarat

Following itinerary is based on our past experience and what our past guests prefereance. However, our experts can help you further by helping chalk-out a tailor-made tour plan.



Aurangabad –Ahmedabad (fly) — The morning hours are free for your own activities. Later you will be transferred to the airport to board your flight to Ahmedabad. On arrival at Ahmedabad, check in your hotel and relax. Overnight stay at Ahmedabad



Ahmedabad — After breakfast proceed for Ahmedabad local sightseeing of the age old Islamic monuments and in the evening you can visit Adalaj stepwell. Gandhi Ashram, Hurtheesingh Jain Temple are the must visit spots besides the other places. Overnight stay at Ahmedabad



Shamlaji (2.5 hours) – Khumbariya (2.5 hours) – Danta (50 minutes) — After breakfast check out from the hotel and drive to Danta via visiting Shamlaji & Khumbariyaji. Inference can be made from the remnants of all these places about their prosperity and civilization in the bygone era. The jain temples at Khumbaria, the diverse flora and fauna in Danta, the pilgrimage at Shamlaji at the foot hills of Aravalli deserve a visit.



Danta – Taranga Hills & Jain temples (1 hour drive) – Danta — After breakfast proceed for a day excursion to visit Taranga Hills & Jain temples. The shikhara, mandapa, pillars & brackets made out of marble with excellent carving are so mesmerising. Overnight stay at Danta.



Danta – Vadnagar Toran (2 hours) – Sidhpur (1 hour) – Sander (50 minutes) – Patan (35 minutes) – Roda (30 minutes) – Modhera (1 hour) – Dhinoj (30 minutes) – Dasada (1.5 hours) — (Please note these places are routed in sequence and can be done in a day, just a short span at each place will suffice)

Vadanagar is proudly mentioned as the symbol of Gujarat for its architecture, the city Sidhpur, dotted across with temple complexes, Sander houses many beautiful temples, and Patan, the home for patola silk sarees. The sun temple in Modhera and the Lakes in Dinoj drag your attention. Enjoy the short motor ride in Bahuchar and witness the movement of the Asiatic Ass in Dasada. Overnight stay at Dasada



Dasada —After breakfast proceed for morning Jeep Safari at Wild Ass Sanctuary Little Rann of Kutch, after lunch proceed for village Jeep safari. Overnight stay at Dasada



Dasada – Dholavira (5.30 hours) – Bhuj (4.5 hours)— Early morning check out from the hotel and drive to Dholavira first as its 270km far from Dasada and after the visit of Dholavira drive to the historic city of Bhuj which is 235km far from Dholavira, the city known for its Harappan civilization.

Bhuj - The historic city of Bhuj derives its name from the Bhujiyo Dungar, a hill, overlooking the present day Bhuj town. Bhuj is a typical example of a desert town located between two geographical features - Bujiyo Dungar on the east & Hamirsar lake on the west.

Overnight stay at Bhuj



Bhuj – Banni villages & White Rann of Kutch – Bhuj — After breakfast proceed for a full day excursion to Banni villages & White Rann of Kutch to explore the tribes and craftsmanship.

Overnight stay at Bhuj



Bhuj – Mandvi Jinalay (1.5 hours) – Bhuj – Dharang Festival (1 hour) - Bhuj — After breakfast proceed for a day excursion to Mandvi, evening return back to Bhuj.

Koday-72 Temples: Only 10 km from Mandvi, at Koday Village a complex of 72 Shrines is called as Bauter Jinalay (72 Temples). The complex has residence facility at Dharamshala within it & dining facility at Bhojanalaya.

Dharang Festival of Kutch: About 40 Kms from Bhuj, near the little Rann of Kachchh, the Dhrang fair is held on the eve of Mahashivratri every year. Held in the memory of Saint Mekan Dada, the fair attracts people from Gujarat and Rajasthan to participate in the religious rituals. Overnight stay at Bhuj



Bhuj – Jamnagar (5 hours) — After breakfast check out from the hotel and drive to Jamnagar, one of the most princely states of Saurashtra. Overnight stay at Jamnagar



Jamnagar – Gondal (2.5 hours) – Khambhalida (1 hour) & Dhank caves (1.5 hours) – Junagadh (2 hours) — After breakfast check out from the hotel and drive to Junagadh via visiting Khambhalida & Dhank caves.



Junagadh – Khapra Kodia – Junagadh – Bhavnath Fair — After breakfast proceed for a day visit of Khapra Kodia. Overnight stay at Junagadh



Junagadh – Girnar – Juangadh (30 minutes’ drive one way) — After breakfast proceed for Girnar visit. Overnight stay at Junagadh



Junagadh – Somnath (2.5 hours) – Sasangir (1.5 hours) — After breakfast check out from the hotel and drive to Sasangir via visiting Somnath temple. Somnath - Somnath Temple for followers of both Shiva and Vishnu. The most important temple and main highlight in Somnath is the Kailash temple with its imposing architecture, a 50-meter high tower, intricate carvings and a number of holy idols and images.

Gir - Is the only place in the world outside Africa, where the lion can be seen in his natural habitat. The forest also harbours a variety of smaller animals & birds. Other predators are Panther & the Hyena. The Indian Deer, Sambar, Spotted deer, Blue bull, Chinkara & the Chowsingha (four horned antelope) are found here, along with the bear & the long-tailed langur. Overnight stay at Sasangir



Sasangir – Sana Buddhist caves (2.5 hours) – Talaja (3 hours) – Palitana (1.5 hours) — After breakfast check out from the hotel and drive to Palitana via visiting Sana Buddhist caves, Talaja. Overnight stay at Palitana



Palitana – Shatrunjaya hill – Palitana (30 minutes’ drive one way) — Palitana presents you the temple complexes. Around 600 temples were built over a span of 900 years. Overnight stay at Palitana



Palitana – Kali Kund Jain temple (4 hours) – Kheda (1 hour) – Vadodara (2 hours) — After breakfast check out from the hotel and drive to Vadodara via visiting Kheda & Kali Kund Jain temple.



Ahmedabad - FLY Mumbai — Later you will be transferred to the airport to board your flight to Mumbai. On arrival at Mumbai airport, you shall proceed to the international airport to board your flight for your onward journey. Tour ends!

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