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Will travel be possible in 2021? Will Travel ever be the same again? Will the travel industry revive? Will travel restrictions be lifted soon?

These are the questions in the heart of year-long travelers, weekend warriors, trekkers, professional photographers, hoteliers, guides, and for everyone who understands – to travel is to live. To move and connect with a different environment is the highest form of luxury. The happiest beings move a lot and here are the five obvious health, professional, and life benefits they get effortlessly. As India is easing its travel restrictions and temples of Tamil Nadu are open from September 1, 2020, real travelers will always find a way to explore India.

#1 Natural Stimulation of the Vagus Nerve

Vagus Nerve is the longest cranial nerve that runs in the body. It connects the brain cells with pretty much everything in the human body. From the so-called “gut feel” to the heart, kidney, lungs, reproductive system, and overall mood, Vagus Nerve is important for the internal wellbeing of all the organs. So, how to stimulate it? You do deep and slow belly breathing, pet a dog, play with kids, splash cold water on your face, write poetry, hum your favorite song, do gardening, journaling, laugh more, or book a resort in the most tranquil jungle surrounding in hamlets like Coorg, Kerala, Rajasthan, North East India, and the Himalayas. TRAVELLERS ARE HAPPY PEOPLE AS THEY KEEP THEIR BODY BUSY AND THEIR MIND RELAXED. They keep their vagus nerve stimulated by just moving from one place to another, the fundamental instinct of every human being. The sceneries they see, people they meet, the food they eat, and the things they buy as souvenirs bring in the necessary warmth and vibes for a happy and satisfying life.

#2 Improvement in Your Lifestyle

After watching a ton of motivational and inspiring videos on YouTube, and a 21-day habit hack, more than 90% of the viewers create a productive routine. For a few days or maybe a fortnight. But Traveling to a different place with a definite purpose: Like watching a distinct flower blossom, filming the life of a wolf throughout in a day, or catching up with sunrise or sunset standing on a special rock will add life to your days. For example, a wildlife photographer will wake up without any external stimulus to capture an animal yawning, stretching, howling, or hunting. They play the waiting game and eventually, an active lifestyle is connected with their passion. Touring in India for a month will also spike up your productivity as you gather the pattern of a potent lifestyle.

#3 Innovative Business Ideas

If a particular business is on your mind, you need to connect with fellow human beings. What’s better than taking a week off to find inspiration and innovative ideas. It is from the simplest of things a traveler finds motivation. If you feel like you are stuck at work or have energy left to come with a new idea for your business, pack your bags and travel to a place like Rajasthan or Kochi. Your purpose will be served without your knowing. If you think what good can forts and spices do for brainstorming, you’re on the right path. Sometimes, you should let your soul wander in interesting places where heritage and history will take care of your inner craving.

#4 Free Dose of Creativity

Travel And Creativity Are A Match Made In Heaven – Here's Why | Oh So  Steffany

Those who travel frequently are bustling with energy than those who haven’t packed their bags for two years. That upward flow of energy is often connected to creativity. If you are on your way to establishing a copywriting startup, hit the highways, get a free copywriting course, getting inspiration from the numerous billboards, and copies en route of your destination. If you are young and crazy, get inside an Indian train, sit, and just listen. At times, chaos teaches you a whole lot of things than silence. Carry a notepad, laptop, or a diary to write about things inspired you after a day of trekking. It is simple while traveling you become an observer, naturally gathering the golden specks of dust of creativity.

#5 More Exposure to Sun

Taking time to explore a city to hamlet or mountain all alone or with your loved one, involves a lot of walking, jogging, little climbing, and exposure to direct sunlight. As much as skincare products tend to belittle the value of sun, Ayurveda recommends sun exposure as a cure to all kinds of ailments. Be it mental clutter and bodily aches. You don’t have to sit in a place just for the sun, move with passion. Go to places you have never gone to and reap the benefits of the giant ball. Wake up with the sun and spend quality hours with your loved ones in some of the cleanest beaches of India. Maybe finding and spending some time in a gentle sunset or sunrise spot will fix things before depression starts to jump in. Light your soul with the help of the red giant and develop a good relationship with the sun.

We Hope, these 5 benefits of traveling make you a better person with and without your knowledge. It is often better to leave it to nature, as it knows the best for your mind and body. Traveling is the basis of human existence. The urge and fire burning inside every human body want to connect with the universe in a profound way. Traveling has the perfect geometry to align you with the happy and required elements of the universe. Get moving and don’t get stuck to a single place. Colour the pages your life visiting vibrant nations like India and know life better, live life in the best way feasible.

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