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In the last blog, we saw the benefits of travelling for a human being. The basis of human nature is to explore the wide vistas of this broad universe. There are numerous possibilities for bettering our lives with meditation, yoga, mindfulness practices, exercise, rest, and TRAVEL.

“Live Your Life by a Compass, Not a Clock.”

India is a colorful destination for all kinds of travelers of the world.

Look at the smiling face of the old man in the above picture. What does it convey? His mighty mustache, freckled yet glistening face, traditional attire, and the colourful turban are all native to Rajasthan. The land of colours, customs, coruscating culinary, and culture. That’s enough piling up of C’s we think. Another two C’s are native to every human being and natural surroundings. Charisma and Compassion.

Without their presence, this world would be boring and selfish. While travelling can be seen as a weekly, monthly, or yearly regime by many, it is also a soul purifier and compassion igniter. The spark of humanity spreads like wildfire through the soothing steps of travellers. That’s why it is said, travellers make this planet beautiful. Their intentional and unintentional tours connect nations and continents, often reminding us that our world is a small village.

Here are 10 life lessons from travelling. Travel to save the world from ignorant conversations, impatient individuals, and mindless leaders who only seek actions through power. Add a bit of sensitivity to your life by travelling the world and visiting a miracle like India.

#1 You Value the Journey more than the Destination

journey vs destination

Once you become a regular traveller or think of visuals related to travelling, you will start to notice more than a particular destination, it is the idea of going there that keeps things interesting. The curvy roads, lined-up trees, approaching sparrows, selfless strangers, and waving toddlers make life interesting. That too in a country like India, the room for learning life is vivid like the waters of Meghalaya. So, Travel is not just A to B. Travel has infinite possibilities if a traveller keeps the expectations low and experience high.

#2 Your Emotional Quotient will be Higher

why EQ is important than IQ

People who travel are more prone to nuisance, unwanted conversations, and toxic mindsets. We all know travelling is not always chocolates and candies. A real traveller understands it and that’s what makes them lot more interesting and mature than a lot of people. When you get to know about the things that aren’t our cup of tea, you become wise. Travelling does just that without complications and overthinking.

#3 You become a Listener and Giver

the art of listening

Human beings need to be heard; their problems, pain, state of mind, or even gossip. The main idea of communication is to share something that we know and expect somebody understands our language. If a stronger understanding is there, a connection is born and when two or more connected on a deeper level, likeliness, friendship, and love are born. A thoughtful traveller will always make time for listening and is often a giver. The idea of gifting someone, greeting someone, and wishing someone good luck are all habits inculcated over a period of many years.

#4 You will Understand the Value of Sleep

the importance of sleep

Sleep is all-inclusive of a happy and healthy lifestyle. Those who have underlying signs of depression, worry, anxiety, and restlessness are more prone to sleep apnea and insomnia. Travel recharges your parasympathetic nervous system, flushing out the toxicity in thoughts. Believe it or not, a one-month complete tour of India will correct your sleeping pattern more than powerful medications. You will get in sync with your circadian rhythm and sleep like a baby. Travelling to a beautiful place makes your mind and body not only tired but also calm and composed. Thus, all your sleeping problems will end just like that. Eventually, you’ll understand the value of sleep as you’ll come to know without proper rest, you don’t have the energy to wake up and explore in the morning.

#5 You Learn to Tell Stories in a Better Way

the art of storytelling

Everyone loves a storyteller. They are people who are interested in making time for other people. Through imagination and a child-like spirit, storytellers create a unique atmosphere for the listeners. Some might think, what good is there in storytelling? But we can’t ignore the fact that each and every one of us is writing our own story, living page by page every single day. But the best-sellers are obviously, travellers. Their life has myriads of interesting events. More colourful with engaging twists!

#6 You will Realize the Omnipresence of Love

love and love only

It is easy to say that love is universal. Love is everywhere. See things with love. And so on! But in reality gratitude and love are not practiced in the right way. A child seeing a fellow unknown human with prejudice is a sign of poor parenting. It is the responsibility of all adults to create a world with less prejudice and more humanity. Traveling to a foreign destination, a natural setting, or even a loved one’s home will make one understand love is everywhere. All you need is the active alignment of all your senses for sensing love in all places.

#7 Your Feelings of Hatred will Disappear

how travel helps the world to become a better place

Those who live closer to nature, stay humble, and travel more are always happy and hospitable people. They live with such tenderness that their level of connection with fellow human beings is on a different level. If you are skeptical about it, do this one thing. Join a group of random trekkers and introduce yourself to each and every one of them. You will have a great connection with one or two individuals throughout the journey. They look mysterious, interesting, happy, or relaxed but are on the positive side of life. And, they don’t bitch about things and people they don’t know. While either leading the pack of trekkers or sharing something useful all the time or tell how they feel all the way. Experienced travelers have a great chance of living like a monk. They carry zero hatred and have a positive outlook on life all the time.

#8 You will Never Underestimate Your Home

why family time is important

Think of the days you were complaining about your home, its unchanged furniture, a lifeless living room, and not-so-happening family time. We always expect someone else to lit up our home. A cheerful home is not just the efforts of an individual but the cumulative efforts of everyone. While travelling makes you happy it also creates homesickness. It is a good sign. When we miss our home, we tend to rearrange priorities on our minds. We will plan for more family time when we are far away from home. It is normal to walk in a dense forest setting and think about the coziness of the same living room, the comfort of our sofa, and the happiness of the home. You will miss the things you love!

#9 You will See Everything with an Open Mind

open mind girl jumping

Seeing everything just the way it is will connect you with newer possibilities. If you understand the value of an open mind, you’ll never lock yourself into a single idea. So, the amount of trust you had put in a total stranger when you are traveling will either give you a long tiring day or the happiest hours of your life. In the end, it is all an experience and a life lesson for passing on. Without an open mind, a traveler is only a frightened tourist with fewer possibilities.

#10 You Become a Seeker

harry potter golden snitch seeker

No! Not that the boy who lived and caught golden snitches. But a true seeker, the one who seeks life. India has always been a land of seekers. From Saints, Yogis, Siddhars, Kings, and Queens to modern-day Dalai Lama, there is always some force inside us that wants to expand. While many countries have tried to improve the human experience through various practices, India leads them all in all segments.

However, the ancient scriptures, holy books, temples, rivers, mountains, rocks, statues, and spirituality of India still give a feeling of hope and excitement. Meanwhile, it is not always important for a traveler to seek. Often, peace, harmony, privacy, happiness, and a sense of elation are sought after during travelling. But it takes people right into the realms of seeking. Because seeking is what makes travel interesting and life engaging. It is simple, travel connects you with the things or people your soul is dying to connect with.

So, recharge your soul through plugging it with the eternal happy battery called travel. It lasts long and creates unforgettable memories. In the end, all you need is beautiful and satisfying memories, not regrets and unfulfilled dreams. Get up from that life-sucking couch and get moving for creating a better world. So, in order to fix things here and there in your personal and professional life, at least take a weekend tour and travel a country like India. Start saving happy memories too. It helps you in the most unexpected times.


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