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Blessings to all of you wonderful couple travellers blessed by the Gods and Goddesses of Happiness, Compassion, Pleasure, Virility, Beauty, Kindness, Truth, and Humanity. Planning an adventurous and romantic honeymoon tour is a blissful experience. The hotels you choose for living a grandeur life is what makes the whole experience beautiful. These 10 hotels listed here are for all types of Couple Travellers. Let our list become your wishlist!

Rambagh Palace, Jaipur, India

Soak up on a royal adventure entering Rambagh Palace with your significant other. From inhaling the aroma of fresh roses and jasmines spread on the floor and tables, checking in alongside a grand chandelier and royal fountain, everything about Rambagh Palace is regal. Walkthrough the vintage corridors and past the framed up Maharajahs on the articulately tapered walls. Inside Rambagh, there are places for bookworms, jewellery fanatics, and peacock lovers. You can even witness the beautiful bonding between Rambagh’s caretakers and peacocks.

Follow their graceful steps only to enter restaurants inside trains and restaurants that serve food on 22-carat gold plated plates (earlier original gold plates were used). You can even get your name engraved on the restaurant’s golden ring as a form of royalty. In those days, 80 butlers had been there for all the 80 people who sat on this royal dining room. On your way to the Polo Room, take a closer look at Maharani Gayathri Devi before you enter a place full of royalties – Elite Cigars, Chinese emperor suites (guest rooms), chess tables, and a heavenly balcony.

The Grand Presidential Suite bedroom is a masterpiece with enormous couches, mirrors, and an ineffable decorated bed – a real seductress indeed! While powder rooms and bathtubs fully sparkle your glow in the full-length regal mirror all around, the periodic hansoms give your honeymoon a new meaning. Give the Santoro musical instrument a try and relax yourselves in the 4-feet indoor pools of Rambagh Palace.

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Giraffe Manor, Nairobi, Kenya

A Disneyland kinda destination to gift your loved one! Giraffe Manor is a place full of Giraffes, great food, and coziness. A real paradise for early birds as the Giraffes here are already waiting beneath the balcony to eat their breakfast from your hands. There are Giraffe Chess Boards, Giraffe frames, Giraffe shaped water bearers, and real Giraffes waiting to have their breakfast again with you, guess what? On the same table where you are eating your proteins! The most famous wildlife experience in the whole world is provided by the Sneaky Peaky Giraffes during your dining time. For couple travellers who have a thing for Nature, Giraffe Manor is a dreamland.

There is a Giraffe Center here and inclusive of your stay. A humble guide will take you through the Giraffe routes and they would also explain about the highly medicinal trees surrounding the property. If you’re looking for a super cosy atmosphere in a bohemian setting, choose the Orchid House for your special moments (without the intervention of your tall companions).

Get ready for tea time in the outdoors with a swing nearby to play peekaboo with the Giraffes. They are early risers and its evident in their tea-sipping habits too. If you’re looking for a cajoling kiss from the tall guys, they’re ready to deliver super smoky snog all the time. This jungle house serves some of the best foods in all of Nairobi.

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Canaves Oia, Santorini, Greece

Views! Spectacular views! Out of the world sunset views! If you and your partner love to get that healthy tan in a minimalist environment, head straight to Santorini in Greece. The family of Chaidemenous were responsible for bringing tourists population to the fishing village of Oia in Santorini. The White Village of Oia is further strengthened by the all-white minimalism of Canaves Oia.

The beautiful panoramic views from the infinity pools are surreal and stunningly mesmerizing. Walk down the cobblestone streets of Canaves Oia and descend slowly to the cliff where you are up against the picturesque Aegean Sea and Caldera, a renowned volcanic crater. Santorini in Greece has faced one of the world’s greatest Volcanic eruption in 1640 BC, called Minoan Eruption.

What was once a wine storing cave is now a luxurious resort of 18 plus suites. The hospitality here is top-notch and maybe a reason for Dionysus’s exit and cupid’s entry into this honeymooner’s paradise. Conde Nast Traveller and Travel & Leisure have awarded this romantic hideout several times. Petra restaurant serves Greek Salad and Classic Nicoise Salad here along with endless delicacies. For perfect sunset views, find a comfortable spot in Oia Kastro Walls and for more private sunset scene walk near the outskirts of Perivolas Hotel.

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The Oberoi Amarvilas, Agra, India

Dine with your inamorata overlooking the world’s most googled monument in Oberoi Amarvilas. What a sight that would be…!? One perfect poetic frame every couple would dream of. After receiving the holy Tilak on your forehead, get ready to be bamboozled right inside the mammoth size heritage property of Oberoi Amarvilas in Agra. Relive the Mughal days of India walking past garland laden Elephant Statues, stone bridges, hand-painted arches, reflective temperature-controlled pools, fountains, and imposing pillars.

The 2001 built property looks like it has been built during the Mughal Era. Such exquisite architecture was made real by Prabhat Patki and the facade is the proof of his architectural prowess. You will be enthralled by the mega-sized Cobalt blue pigmented glided Chandelier which hangs from a Mughal-styled deep dome. The era of Shah Jahan is etched all over this palatial property, and the spiritual voices of the Muezzins further enhance it. Teak-panelled Ottoman Style bars, marble floorings of the yesteryears, French-influenced lounge serving different types of tea and coffee create a pleasing vibe.

There are 7 suites and 95 rooms with bedrooms holding on to the aura of the hedonist Mughal era. Modern amenities fuel up the ancient scent while choosing a room with a balcony is a must for a romantic dinner with Taj Mahal on the backdrop. Treat your skin good as they are brushing against the finest Indian fabrics. The ultimate luxury are the cerulean pools here, designed by Bill Bensley, a renowned Bangkok architect (builder of famous hotels like Siam Bangkok and St Regis Bali). Interestingly, the architecture of these pools match the Mandore Gardens in Madhya Pradesh, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. White marble colonnaded galleries, umbrellas and lounge chairs create an exotic atmosphere. Grotto underneath the hotel serve as a perfect hideout spot for scorching summers. In this property, there are exquisite treatment rooms for couples, to cut down on stress, anxiety, and depression. Souvenir shopping is a highly recommended thing to do while there is also a buggy ride service to Taj Mahal from Amarvilas.

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The Muraka Conrad Rangali Island, Maldives

One perfect luxury destination for Thalassophiles. The lover of Oceans and Seas. The Muraka is an underwater beauty in the South Ari Atoll. You can reach this destination after a 30-minute seaplane ride or by a domestic flight. As the islands of Maldives are owned by private properties and so getting to every island is itself a splendid adventure. Next stuff, the speed boat ride will take you and your soulmate to the luxurious underwater destination.

2018 marked the beginning of this iconic property, which was engineered in Singapore and brought all the way to Maldives. The whole structure was immersed inside water using a crane ship and was fitted 16 feet under the sea. The upper portion is for fresh food, underwater explorations, and scenic views of the sea. The lower portion is where you get to watch electrifying eels, sea turtles, and colorful fishes. That’s where your master bedroom is located, deep inside the sea. Free your frozen soul and celebrate your honeymoon evening with new found mermaid in the wold’s most romantic and thrilling honeymoon setting.

Another beautiful thing about The Muraka is its personalized platters, and Yogic centres that can transform your mind, body, and soul. Get expert recommendations for your drink and let him guide you with a Monkey 47, one of the popular drinks in The Muraka. After interesting explanations about the drink, enter spicy hot kitchens that serve freshly caught lobsters and oysters. Treat yourselves to the aphrodisiacs served and let your inner Eros take care of your lovely Aphrodite.

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Aman Venice, Venice, Italy

A place where you feel like resting your head on the lap of Felicitas, the god of happiness, joy, and mirth. Such pomp and glory are present in this luxurious hotel in the adorable city of Italy Venice. Get into your private taxi and get transferred to Aman Venice’s Private Boat Dock. Heart-throbs like George Clooney stayed in Aman Venice with his beloved Amal Alamuddin and got wedded in this angelic hotel.

Mario Puzo’s Godfather if by any chance gets remade, Aman Venice is there to take care of the Italian appeal. The conducive staircase, lullaby singing lobby, and ballrooms maketh Aman Venice a destination to be with your would-be. A breakfast in the Yellow Dining Room feels like dining with the most iconic Roman mythical creatures and joyful spirits.

Palazzo Stanza, Red Dining Room, and Salon Lounge areas are poetry in disguise. Only those who have a fine taste for sipping art can experience the Roman charm Aman Venice fuming from every corner. A private garden, rooftop view, and if you have missed the Rialto Bridge over the Canal Grande, it is still in your vicinity from Aman Venice of Italy. For tea lovers, there is Rooibus Tea, Chinese Jasmine Tea, and African Tea. To spark up your romance, pack to Rome and celebrate love at Aman Venice, the ultraluxurious honeymoon hotel.

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The Four Seasons Safari Lodge, Serengeti, Tanzania

Africa is a heaven for wildlife lovers and Tanzania takes you one step closer to interacting with the wildest land creatures of our planet. While The Four Seasons Safari Lodge in Serengeti of Tanzania makes you a Mowgli. If wildlife is what interests your couple goals, look no further, just go and explore the vastness of the African playground guarded by jumbos and kings of the jungle. In the middle of Serengeti National Park, you’ll sleep to the roaring lullabies of several Prides, Zebras, Giraffes, and Hippos.

Hold her hand and get as close as possible to elephants drinking water near your stay. Guess what? You’ve gifted an infinity pool outside for bathing which is less than 100 feet away from the elephant pack. You can relaxedly click selfies with the big guys without them disturbing your special moments and vice versa. Initially, baboons and balloons will greet you inside The Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti. If you just want to leave balloons alone inside, shut the sliders and let the baboons stay outside to meet you for your evening drink.

En route The Four Seasons Safari Lodge, you’ll take a safari only to know what’s going to surround you for the rest of your days at the jungle stay. You’ll never know what you and your partner are going to see; a lion chasing a pack of zebras, a lioness mating with her beloved during sunset, giraffes posing for silhouette, or elephants sipping water together. The best thing about this stay is you’ll see everything from your bathtub and bedroom. Let the sliders be shut and your wildest adventures begin in the middle of Africa’s finest jungle stay.

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Taj Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad, India

“Mirrors to the Sky” is the meaning of the Falaknuma Palace in Hyderabad. Relive the past glory of the then richest person in the world – The Nizam of Hyderabad and walk back in time. At once you enter the gates of this paradise, you’ll be welcomed to the main building in an awe-inspiring chariot. Beautiful statues of belles holdings night lamps guide you from the railings of one of the exquisite staircases in the whole world. After witnessing hundreds of royal frames of famous people, there is a special antique chai time with your loved one.

Gaze at the finely polished broad and long pillars before you gaze at the setting sun dining with divine Sufi music. Meet the grandson of the Jeweller of Nizam and see him explain about the precious collections of jewellery preserved for centuries. Have drinks in the almost replica of Hogwarts dining hall in the Nizam’s grand dining hall with arrangements for 101 guests. The gleaming chandeliers, bright coloured tables, fancy spoons, and a sense of royalty feels like the Nizam’s soul is offering you a feast. Become a part of history and engage in a perfect ball dance with your soulmate. The New York Times and Conde Nast Traveler has chosen this palace-turned-hotel in the list of top 15 destinations to visit in the world.

Live the extraordinary moments of kings and queens as many famous guests of this Nizam’s paradise say while walking down the historic staircases. Get ready to read the handwritten notes of guests of the last 40 years in The Visitor’s Book (1911). In the laudable library, read the first edition of a book the Nizam had read (1894). There is also a beautiful photo album of the whole palace which you can compare with the present surroundings.

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La Mamounia, Marrakech, Morocco

La Mamounia is a slice of art in the North African region worth your honeymoon stay. For perfume lovers, La Mamounia Marrakech is a wonderland. With rich textiles, out of the world tile-work, flamboyant fountains, and robust woodwork, La Mamounia brings out your carnal senses to live their Moroccan days. Marble bathrooms in Moorish tilework set the mood right for romance with the Atlas Mountains in the backdrop.

 Perfumes made out cedar, jasmine, orange blossom, and date hypnotize your soulmate, before you. You can buy every scent that has connected with your soul in the gift store here. Since its inception in 1923, La Mamounia has had guests like Winston Churchill, Hitchcock, Omar Sharif, Eric Von Stroheim, and Franklin Roosevelt. Within the seventeen acres of a gated garden, La Mamounia sits like a princess of the highest taste in art and architecture. She brightens up during the night when the Moroccan lights hit this imperial beauty.

Not only for architectural prowess, but all extravagant features – tennis courts, a Luxe Spa a fitness centre, outdoor and indoor pools speak volumes of colour exploded territory of North Africa – Morocco. Along with the finest accessories of Barbara Rhil, the french designer, the exclusive perfumes of La Mamounia create an outlandish experience. Food prepared with argan oil, honey and local olives add flavour to the already lit facades, pools, and pillars of this Moroccan beauty. Pastry shops, Le Marocain restaurant, collections of year-old wines, poolside lounges, and Le Churchill make your stay an unforgettable experience in Morocco. Enrich your beauty soaking up your body to the natural mineral clay in the Ghassoul treatment in the Spa here. This impressively rare clay comes from the Atlas mountains and has been a secret beauty ingredient for centuries.

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Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Lapland, Finland

Fur up before you enter the northernmost land of Finland, Lapland. Fly to Helsinki International Airport and get ready for the adventure of your life – The Northern Lights Hunting! A couple going to Scandinavian countries wish to see one thing for sure – Aurora or The Northern Lights. But the temperature here is freezing and seeing it in open is not so comfortable for most of the maiden honeymooners. That’s where Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort comes into save your game of hunting the Northern Lights.

All you need to do – Book an Igloo with Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort and witness Aurora right from your place as you doze off under the greatest natural explosion on Mother Earth. You just don’t reach The Santa’s Corner of Kakslauttanen in a luxury car but in a sleigh pulled by real-life reindeer; one perfect Christmas setting right? All you’ll see is snow everywhere before you actually pile up together for a cosy pancake dinner listening to a Finnish song.

Siberian Huskies take you to your super comfy igloos as you head past semi-buried homes in snow. The famous Sauna rituals of Finland is located in the Igloo Village of this Lapland honeymoon hotel. In the wilderness of the Arctic, sleeping under a million stars will not only make your honeymoon a romantic but also adventurous. It will lit your desire to burn like an eternal yule log which will strengthen your bond Christmas after Christmas. Treat your palate with a super-creamy Salmon Soup along with a Raspberry delight. The wine served here perfectly complement the Reindeer Meet coming from the nearby Reindeer Farm. Watch the greatest natural show on Earth cosily smiling with our partner in a heated igloo with a transparent ceiling. Let all the cold hurdles freeze before your cute cuddles!

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