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The celestial bodies of our universe are often responsible for the way we feel and react. Would you believe if we say there is a certain connection with our physical bodies and mental well-being? Believe it or not, there will be a noticeable amount of effect on your health, financial situation, and professional growth if you are ready to spend a day or two in Tamil Nadu.

The Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Rahu, and Kethu are the governing bodies of how we feel, what we do, and hoe we see ourselves as a human being.

Every temple has its own significance and every star, planet, and phenomenon on this Universe has a separate temple for each and every human being in Tamil Nadu. We’re going to see how visiting Navagraha Temples (Temple of 9 Planets) can positively change your life in 2021.

#1 Suryanar Koil: The Sun Temple

The first of all the nine planets, Sun is worshiped as Siva Surya Narayana in this Temple. The temple has a massive structure and is the only temple in Tamil Nadu to have separate shrines for all the nine celestial gods. It is best to visit Sri Prananatheswarar with his consort Sri Managalambigai in Thirumangalakudi before praying inside the Suryanar Koil. There is a particular order to pray to the deities starting from Kol Vinai Theertha Vinayagar to Suryanar Swamy followed by the remaining eight celestial bodies.

Who should visit Suryanar Koil?

  • Those who want to get rid off Putra Dosha (Those who want to bear a child)
  • Those who want to remove their Marriage Dosha (Those who want to get married)
  • Those who want to escape form the negative effects of Shani Bagavan (Saturn)
  • Those who want to uplift their career and education goals.

Distance from Kumbakonam: 15 km | Distance from Tanjore: 53 km

#2 Thingalur Chandran Koil: The Moon Temple

If you feel like there is a lack of balance in your family’s harmony, wealth, and health, you can go to Chandra Sthalam or the Moon Temple near Kumbakonam. The presiding deities are God Kailasanathar and Goddess Periyanayaki Amman. Monday is the best day to visit Thingalur Chandran Temple.

Who should visit Thingalur Chandran Temple?

  • For those who want to improve their mother’s well-being
  • For those who want to restore harmony in family and wife’s mental state of happiness
  • For those who are struggling to maintain financial stability
  • For those who are having nervous and skin problems.

Distance from Kumbakonam: 35 km | Distance from Tanjore: 16 km

#3 Vaitheeswaran Koil: The Mars Temple

Vaidyanatha Swamy and Thaiyal Nayaki are the presiding deities of Vaitheeswaran Temple. It is believed that Lord Rama, surya, Jatayu, Skanda, and Angaraka have worshiped here. There is a separate shrine for Dhanvantri, the God of medicine in this temple. There is saying that worshipping in a temple where the God faces the west is equal to praying in 1000 Lord Shiva Temples. Tuesday is the best day to visit this temple.

Who should visit Vaitheeswaran Temple?

  • For those want to progress in their trade and business.
  • For those who want to escape from the adverse effects of all the planets.
  • For those who want to get employment opportunities.
  • For those who are suffering from skin problems and burns, the temple offering is a boon to end all their skin ailments.

Distance from Kumbakonam: 52 km | Distance from Tanjore: 90 km

#4 Swetharanyeswarar Temple: The Mercury Temple

The presiding deity are Shiva Swetharanyeswarar and Brahma Vidya Ambal. Setharanyeswarar is the God of the White Forest and this place is called Adhi Chidambaram. The dominace of the Chola and Viajyanagara Emperors are vivid on the temple inscription of this mysterious temple. They are three Theerthams – Agni, Chandran, and Surya while there are also three Sthala Vrikshams – Vilvam, Vadaval, and Konrai. Wednesday is the best day to visit this temple.

Who should visit Swetharanyeswarar Temple?

  • For those want to achieve great wisdom and improve their intellectual abilities.
  • For those who want to improve their career related to music and astrology.
  • Sculptors and students studying medicine must visit this temple.

Distance from Kumbakonam: 60 km | Distance from Tanjore: 100 km

#5 Apatsahayesvarar Temple: The Jupiter Temple

The presiding deities are Lord Abathsahayeswarar and his consort Umayammai or Elavarkuzhali Ammai. The specialty of this temple is that it is surrounded by three holy rivers – Cauvery, Vennaru, and Kollidam. Out of the 15 theerthams, Amrita Pushkarani is the most famous theertham. The place where this temple is present is known as Alangudi. It means the place where Lord Shiva consumed the “Ala Kala Visham” or the world’s deadliest poison to save Earth. That’s why Lord Shiva here is worshiped here as a Defender against Danger. Thursday is the best day to visit this temple.

Who should visit this Apatsahayeswarar Temple?

  • For those who are suffering from some form of fear. Example: Thanatophobia or Fear of Death.
  • For those who want pleasant marriage talks to happen between bride’s family and bridegroom’s family.
  • For those who are mentally confused, pray Lord Vinayaga in this temple.
  • For those are suffering from adverse effects of snake planets, pray in this temple.

Distance from Kumbakonam: 20 km | Distance from Tanjore: 40 km

#6 Agniswarar Temple: The Venus Temple

The presiding deities are Agneeswarar and Karpagavalli Amman in Kanjanoor Agniswarar Temple. This place is also known as Sukran Navagraha Sthalam. The specialty of the Shiva Linga here is that it absorbs all the oil poured on it during Abishekam. The other names of this temple are Palaasavanam, Agnistalam, and Bhrammapuri. The Medieval Chola Empires are responsible for building this temple structure. Friday is the best day to visit this temple.

Who should visit Agneeswarar Temple?

  • For those who are facing relationship problems with their spouse
  • For those who want to become knowledgeable and eliminate ignorance in their life.
  • For those who are seeking attention to become famous and successful
  • For those are having indigestion issues and impotency problems.

Distance from Kumbakonam: 18 km | Distance from Tanjore: 60 km

#7 Tirunallar Saniswaran Temple: The Saturn Temple

If you want to protect yourself from the harmful effects of Sani (usually Saturn is considered as a disciplined and authoritative planet), visit the Saneeswarar Temple in Thirunallaru. As the greatest teacher and Celestial powerhouse, Lord Saturn is highly revered as well as feared. During the most difficult times of life, the amount of compassion and humanity we put in are important to gain browny points from Lord Saturn. Darbaranyeswara Temple is the presiding deity and those who pacify the disappointment of Saneeswaar can take a dip in the holy tank or Nala Theertham.

Who should visit Thirunallar Saneeswarar Temple?

  • For those who want to live a peaceful and happy life.
  • For those who want to continue living a harmonious life.
  • For those who want to decrease their ill effects and improve good effects.
  • For those who want to improve their mental endurance, discipline, and decrease misfortunes.

Distance from Kumbakonam: 55 km | Distance from Tanjore: 95 km

#8 Rahu Sthalam Temple: The Dragon Head Temple

Lord Naganathaswamy is the presiding deity of this temple in Thirunagaswaram. Rahu Bagavan is seen here with his two consorts Nagavalli and Nagakanni. Mantharai flower is offered to Rahu Bagavan in this famous temple. Rahu Bagavan is seen here with a human face which is a rarity.

Who should visit Rahu Temple in Thirunagaswaram?

  • For those who want to clear marriage obstacles and a troubled marital life.
  • For those who are suffering from lack of progeny.
  • For those who want to neutralize Kalasarpa Dosha, Sarpa Dosha, and Kalasthra Dosha.
  • Urad Dal and Milk are the best form of offerings in this temple.

Distance from Kumbakonam: 7 km | Distance from Tanjore: 53 km

#9 Kethu Sthalam Temple: The Dragon Tail Temple

The temples is dedicated to the shadow planet and it is a powerful imaginary planet just like Rahu. They together form the head and tail of a fierce snake. Mahashivarathri, Panguni Vasuki Utsav, and Karthigai Festival are celebrated with full pomp and galore in this temple. Also, Aippasi Abishegam and Navaratri Festival are the best celebrations in this sacred temple. Kollu and Horsegram are great offerings in this temple

Who should visit Ketu Sthalam in Keezhperumpallam?

  • For those who want perfect horoscope matches and want a happy marriage life.
  • For those who want to attract auspicious vibes.
  • For those who want to eliminate their sins and neutralize karma.
  • For those who want to end all their property debates and disputes regarding money.

Distance from Kumbakonam: 62 km | Distance from Tanjore: 100 km

Cure your depression, anxiety, work pressure, and loneliness you have faced during the pandemic. Plan for this Post COVID-19 era travel with your family to start life in the happiest way possible. Let the blessings of Navagraha Temples reach you and ill effects of these temples stay far away from you. OM NAMA SHIVAYA!

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