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December 2020 has arrived! New Year is coming and Christmas Holiday is on the cards. Cities like Victoria are already into “No Active Corona Case” celebrations. With most of the European Nations going into lockdown at this time, a country like India will have more opportunities to get the real backpackers and travellers back.

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Families will prefer royal hangouts in Rajasthan, serene Kerala houseboats in Alleppey, motorcyclists heaven in Leh of Ladakh, rejuvenating homestays, and luxury tourism as hotels like Marriott International are adapting to new normal cleaning solutions like UVC lights. Safety will be the key determiner in the upcoming travel era. Travel 2021 will introduce new measures of safety protocols without interrupting the fun standard of travel. As a year has gone by, spending more than 50% of the time in a sedentary posture, it is time to stretch our wings or at least our hands and feet. So, what’s there for Holiday 2021 in India?

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India’s Golden Triangle is an obvious choice for travellers exploring the country for the first time. While honeymoons and babymoons are more likely to increase for the upcoming vacation in 2021. In one of the premium houseboats of Alleppey in Kerala or in a silent homestay in the Leh of Ladakh, Himalayas, Coorg, or Ooty.

Families will prefer less crowded destinations such as Goa, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, private homestays, unexplored mountains in the culturally strong corridor like Leh of Ladakh, and countries like Bhutan and Sri Lanka. Families of high traditional values will be ready to tick off their temple visits followed by left out rituals of 2020. Temples of India will top the best places to visit in India list while clean beach destinations will also have a healthy amount of international audience.

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Homestays in India will be the best destinations for family travellers from Europe and the United States of America. Be it Brazil, Australia, Italy, or Spain, homestays will always be the first preference for solo and family travellers, as well as backpackers. A country like India will be a gift to every traveller who wishes to the whole world in a single country, or at least the essence of it. Places like the blue streets in Jodhpur is as similar to Chefchaouen in Morocco, and Santorini like the royal corridors of Udaipur, and Khajjiar is as beautiful as Switzerland. Those who wish to see the brilliance of Petra in Jordan can learn a lot more from the inexplicable carving of the Kailasa Temple in the Ellora Caves.

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Put on your Indian Jones hat and take your family for a beautiful exploration trip to India. They will enjoy the clean beaches and the much needed Vitamin D from one of the beautiful sunrise or sunset spots in India. Picking India for honeymoon is a good choice as destinations like Andaman and all Kerala tour packages will have the essentials of a beautiful honeymoon tour in India. You can also choose from 50 iconic romantic spots to propose your loved one for the upcoming valentine’s day in 2021 too.

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It is time to explore India!

Your India trip with your family will be different in 2021 as the number of innovative vacation in India is on the rise more than ever before. If you want to explore the best of India in a safe and soulful way, you need the best travel agency in India. The most loved travel family, Indian Panorama with its legacy of handling packs and families for more than 15 years with a 5/5 rating is the best inbound tour operator for all your customization travel needs. Stays, trips, and exploration!

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  1. […] How will holiday 2021 bring back the sunshine in family time? | Family Travel India 2021 […]

  2. […] How will holiday 2021 bring back the sunshine in family time? | Family Travel India 2021 […]

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