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Resurrection! That’s what is happening to the tourism industry. Now. As travel is slowly getting started, soon it’ll see its all-time high. The reason is simple huMAN is a social animal. The idea of work from home was initially great then, depression joined the party along with the gangsters of the mindless kingdom, loneliness, demotivation, and unhealthiness.

Sedentary can never become the new normal. We need to move. Our lives are not defined by work alone, and that’s where travel comes into the picture. To become aware of the world, create impeccable memories, and live not just healthy but also joyful, forming a different routine, spending quality time with your loved ones, reading your favorite book, eating your favorite meal, or traveling is inevitable.

Here is an expression of celebration from Indian Panorama as the whole world is warmed up enough for long road trips, beautiful honeymoons, and solo sojourns. So, how will travel change in 2021? Here are 9 things to expect from Tourism 2.0

#1 Clean Ganges: The Holy River is Super Holy Now

Like many countries of the world, India too faced a strict lockdown during the months of March, April, and May 2020. Regarded as the holiest river in the world, River Ganges had always faced a lot of problems owing to the clogging of ritual leftovers. But lockdown in India had helped River Ganges to cleanse itself and thus rejuvenating to its fullest form. The surprising fact is that the Holy Ganges have always kept its pH value (on the basic side – above 7) on the healthiest level for drinking. People coming to Varanasi should test the pH level of River Ganges to understand the holiness of the sacred Ganges river.

#2 More Hospitality: The New Normal Love

Possession, pride, and wealth couldn’t save many from the havoc of the novel Coronavirus. 2020 has taught the whole world a lot about kindness, empathy, and hospitality too. To greet a fellow human being with kindness and wishing them good luck is a simple yet powerful thing. The root of humanity relies heavily on its branches like smile, integrity, empathy, and kindness. Tourists all around the world will have a warm welcome as they are the connectors of all the good vibes and happiness around the world. Tourism 2.0 will set a benchmark in the hospitality industry throughout the world.

#3 Fresh Outlook: Novelties in Hotel and Restaurants

The use of UVC lights have made businesses to think positively. Hotels like Marriott International are opting to UVC technology for cleansing keys, rooms, door knobs, and toilets. Open kitchens will become the new normal since people will prefer to dine in an open atmosphere where kitchens are visible from a distance. Travellers will have safer accommodations while they will have lesser worries about cleanliness and health.

#4 Solution to Overtourism: Tourists Will Trip to Less Explored Destinations

The perspective of travelling will change after 2020. India won’t be about Taj Mahal alone and Jordan won’t be about Petra alone, things will change. Robert Frost’s dream of exploring the less explored will be reconsidered. The less explored trails will have more tourists more than ever before. Social distancing will be easy in beaches, homestays, houseboats, mountains, and deserts. The love for India’s Golden Triangle will remain the same but the less explored routes will have greater visibility.

#5 Less Toxicity: The Pandemic’s Gift

Be it catching up with Giraffes in Giraffe Manor, posing before the Roman Colosseum, cajoling with Koalas in Australia, sitting on the roof of Asia’s largest spice market, Khari Baoli in New Delhi, or camping under the Northern Lights or Aurora, as the number of tourists arrivals have been dramatically cut down, Tourism 2.0 will gift the world a cleaner and greener atmosphere. Factors like smog causing air pollution would have dropped to healthy levels owing to the lockdown the world has faced.

#6 Rare Wildlife: No Longer Rare. They’ll be Anywhere.

Take Ranthambore National Park for example, here Tiger trails are common. But the chances of spotting a tiger would be difficult during the trail. The whole experience would now change due to less human intervention. And so, spotting animals like One-Horned Rhino, Red Panda, Lion-Tailed Macaque, Tigers, and Asiatic Lions will be easy at least till the end of 2021. Summer 2021 will be the best year for wildlife tourism in decades. A family vacation to Nilgiri Biosphere, Ranthambore, Thekkady, Kaziranga National Park, and Ladakh will help you and your kids come in contact with the rarest of wildlife in India.

#7 UVC Sterilized Vehicles: Your New Normal Travel Companion

It is a pleasure to bring this to your attention that Cholan Tours have adapted to using UVC Lamp installed vehicles. A futuristic transport model for the new normal world of tourism. We ensure the safety of travellers more than anything. We are happy to say that all our vehicles are 100% sterilized using UVC technology for the well-being of our family of clients.

#8 Homestays Culture: The Natural Way of Healing

People from all the continents will prefer homestays more than hotels. In fact, destination like Kerala will have more international tourist arrivals. The rummage for holistic medicine from Ayurveda and Siddha will improve in 2021 while Yogic teachings will slowly try to conquer the havoc made by Modern Medicine. People will come in terms with Nature and will be ready to stay in the private homestays of Kerala for rejuvenating their mind, body, and soul.

#9 More Humanity: Love and Love Only

The world is slowly managing to escape from the claws of the monster. The whole world is waiting for New Year 2021 to change things for the better. With photos and videos showering humanity flooding the internet, we can say proudly as a human race, we have done justice to humanity by staying united. Pandemics might come and go but our compassion and love for each other is eternal and also undefeated. Tourism 2.0 will open the gates of humanity to hug you from all the nooks and corners of Mother Earth. Love Thy Neighbor!

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