Health Tips

Health Issues

Every tourist traveling to India will have a different perception on the issues of health and hygiene. It should be purely decided by the individual whether to go for any vaccination or not. There may be lot of inputs from the internet about the various kinds of vaccinations and medications. You can refer to them and based on your opinion and also in consultation with your doctor, a suitable decision can be made accordingly.

Though there are different versions about getting vaccinated, it is advisable to get covered for Tetanus. If your tour extends to many parts in Asia, it is better to take a common vaccine covering both Hepatitis and Typhoid. It is again an individual’s personal decision to take antimalarial drugs because Malaria is not at all a common issue in the tourist destinations. Mere clothing of light colors, mosquito repellants and protection creams can keep you safe. Always carry anti-bacterial hand-wipes with you. Before eating, make sure that you clean your hands with anti-bacterial soap or use an alcohol-based gel. Drink clean water and eat freshly cooked food. All the above points are only guidelines to help you enjoy your vacation to the fullest by staying fit and fine.