Climatic Condition Of North India

India is a vast country and the climate varies enormously. As a rule, the winter months from mid-November to late February are the best time to visit most regions with the exception of the high mountains and plateaux of the Himalaya region.

The shoulder seasons (late September to November and March/early April) do tend to be hotter in most regions. By April and May the only places to visit are regions at altitude. June to August/early September is monsoon season and most parts of India will be wet at some time during this part of the year and it will likely be very hot and humid ahead of the monsoon.

January/February- the main regions mentioned above are close to their best during these months. Mountainous regions will be cold (great for winter sports, not so good for sightseeing) and roads may be impassable at times during these months.

March/April- the south becomes hotter rapidly as the year advances, but Delhi/Agra/Rajasthan remains comfortable during this time.

May/June- for the truly intrepid only (although tiger and other wildlife sightings tend to be at their absolute peak as summer reaches its apex) with monsoon rain setting in from Kerala and spreading north during June. The hills and mountains of the north are great at this time of year.

July/August- monsoonal activity in most places with the exception of Tamil Nadu and the high plateaux of Ladakh/Kashmir

September/October- still warm to hot in many places but with rapidly lessening rainfall and far fewer people around, these are great months to visit many regions.

November/December- as winter arrives in the north (and at least the concept of winter in the south!) pretty much the whole country, at least at low altitude, is close to its best. Air quality can be a problem at times but as always, it pays not to take everything you read at face value.

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