Festivals In East India

The festivals celebrated in eastern India make for a celebration full of frolic, fun and pomp. The cultures of these states have intertwined with each other over the years. Bengalis are known to worship Goddess Durga in her various forms.

Dol Purnima, known popularily as Holi across India, is celebrated with much fervor all over the region. Drag Pooja is celebrated in the region with much grandeur. The Rath Yatra in Odisha is an annual religious occasion which sees a lot of tourists and locals flocking to the temple on that day.

Among the tribal in Jharkhand Sarhaul and Chaul is celebrated. For Buddha Purnima, Bodhgaya witnesses a lot of devotees. Other festivals include Chhath, Pang Lhabsol and Losoong.

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