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The land of Tamil Nadu has shown traces of inhabitation ever since the 15,000 BCE and has an ancient history. Throughout its history Tamil Nadu has had many dynasties ruling it.


Things To do in Tamil nadu - India

The history of Tamil Nadu can never exist without the three greatest Dynasties ruling it, the Cheras, Cholas and the Pandyas. These houses constitute the reason for the great temples, palaces and other cultural practice Tamil Nadu holds till date. If you can read Tamil, you have a real treat in the Tamil Literature.

A blend of spicy and sweet dishes which are famous in the State are sure to tingle your taste buds.This is the land which is India’s hub for temples. If you want to escape from the chaos of the temple towns, just go down under, not as far as Australia, but down south to Kanyakumari where you can catch the vibrant lashes of three oceans mingled together.

If you are not much of a beach person, the hills of Nilgiris and Kodaikanal beckon you to them with their cool and pleasant climates throughout the year. If you want to indulge yourself into the culinary side of your vacation, just head to the Land of Chettinadu with its tangy cuisines and marvel of mansions.

This is all packed together into a single State that proudly remains distinct from the rest of the country.

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