Top Attractions Of East India

Cuddled among the pristine mountains and valleys of the Himalayas, eastern India is the best place to visit and the least explored place in India.

Due to its arrestingly beautiful landscape and the Buddhist monasteries the region is catching up with the rest of the country in tourism.

One of the best places to spot the great single horned Rhino and tigers, the Kaziranga National Park in Assam makes for a good place to spend a day. Assam is also home to a variety of tea plantations in India.

One place that is sure to take you to the height of divinity is the Tawang Monastery which is also the world’s second largest monastery. Other naturally beautiful places are the Sela Lake, the Nathu La Pass, river rafting in Sikkim and Nohkalikai Falls.

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India is one helluva travel destination with its vast topographical region giving you more places to explore, each one different from the other in every characteristic. The land has seen many aeons pass by and is filled with a generous load of history, culture, tradition and heritage. We now take you through the parts of India which are a traveler’s paradise.