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Climatic Condition of Rajasthan - India

Climatic Condition of Rajasthan


If you are planning a journey to experience the colorfully vibrant land of India, then you cannot afford to miss out on a trip to the land of Rajasthan. The Land of the Kings, the land of the Rajputs has an enriching cultural and heritage that is sure to take your experience to a whole new side. In order to visit Rajasthan, knowledge about the climate of the State is essential for your travel. Rajasthan is branded as the driest State of India.

The summers and winters are extreme while monsoon makes it ideal for touring. During summer the heat is intense in the hilly areas. Dust storms and hot winds occur in the desert region during June which is the warmest summer month. While January is the coolest among the winter months is when the temperature varies around 20 degree Celsius. If you plan to visit Rajasthan anytime during the summer, make sure to pack a lot of sun screen and coolers in your bag.

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