Top Cities In Tamil Nadu

Situated on the southernmost part of India, Tamil Nadu lies with the Indian Ocean lapping at her feet and the Bay of Bengal to the East. The State allures with its literature, history, art, heritage, culture and music.

The temples in Tamil Nadu can be seen to flaunt an architectural marvel some of which goes back to more than two thousand years ago. Tamil Nadu is also called as the land of temples.

Take a visit to Madurai, Rameshwaram, Kanchipuram and Kumbakonam just to have a peek into the ancient temples, some of whose construction dates are not known. Cities like Coimbatore and Chennai are where you can find a sophisticated way of lifestyle, shopping centers, industries and entertainment.

Ooty and Kodaikanal are popular hill stations that offer a pleasant climate throughout the year. Each city is uniqueness in itself and you would have to explore them to experience the richness of Tamil Nadu.

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India is one helluva travel destination with its vast topographical region giving you more places to explore, each one different from the other in every characteristic. The land has seen many aeons pass by and is filled with a generous load of history, culture, tradition and heritage. We now take you through the parts of India which are a traveler’s paradise.

Other Travel Information India - Indian Panorama

India is a fantastic travel destination, with its wide topography providing plenty of opportunities to explore, each unique in its own right. The area has been there for centuries and is rich in history, culture, customs, and heritage. We will now take you to sections of India that are a traveller's heaven.