About Rajasthan

The Land of Kings, Rajasthan is a never ending maze of places to visit. Either it’s your first time or the umpteenth time, there’s always something new to explore around in the State. Famed by the title ‘Pink City’, Jaipur is the Capital of Rajasthan and the largest city of the State.

From the Aravalli range to the Thar Desert, Rajasthan has a lot to offer to any type of tourist. The climate is quite a tropical one and heat during summer is intense while the winter gets chilly. Rajasthan houses wild animals like Tigers, Sloth bears, Leopards, Deer varieties and Blackbucks which can be spotted mostly in the Aravalli ranges.

This diverse state is home to the Rajputs, the warrior clan who claim to be the descendants of the Sun, Moon and Fire. Scarcity of water and green vegetables have had an effect on their food yet the streets of Rajasthan is lined up with mouthwatering Rajasthani cuisines which are sure to tingle your taste buds.

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India is one helluva travel destination with its vast topographical region giving you more places to explore, each one different from the other in every characteristic. The land has seen many aeons pass by and is filled with a generous load of history, culture, tradition and heritage. We now take you through the parts of India which are a traveler’s paradise.

Other Travel Information India - Indian Panorama

India is a fantastic travel destination, with its wide topography providing plenty of opportunities to explore, each unique in its own right. The area has been there for centuries and is rich in history, culture, customs, and heritage. We will now take you to sections of India that are a traveller's heaven.