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Kerala Travel Information - India

Kerala Travel Information - India


For all of India and the rest of the world, Kerala is something altogether a different place which is lined along the coast of the Arabian Sea with its slender landscape and a series of naturally formed backwaters.

Just stepping onto the groves of coconut, freshly running canals of water and the dreamy aura of the place itself sets one’s soul free from all the strides of the rest of the world. There are three international airports in Kerala located at Cochin, Trivandrum and Calicut.

The rest are domestic airports that connect with the rest of the country. Arriving to Cochin first will make your trip easier as there can be easy access to other cities from Cochin. Trivandrum can be reached when you want to travel to Kanyakumari or Kovalam as these places are easily reachable from Trivandrum. Almost all the cities and towns have train facilities and transport via rail will be easy. All the cities including the hill stations in Kerala are connected well by road.

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