North India Travel Information

For most first-time visitors to India, the allure of the area around Delhi, Agra and beyond into Rajasthan is hard to ignore. This is the part of India famous for grand palaces, forts and of course the Taj Mahal. With a multi-layered history of invasion, conquest and resistance, the storied past and vibrant present meet in a region which is most rewarding to the first-time visitor.

North India Travel Information

The Golden Triangle (Delhi, Agra, Jaipur) can be covered in just a few days, while 12-14 days is sufficient to take in these 3 major destinations plus the famous cities of Udaipur and Jodhpur and something of rural Rajasthan as well. With good and ever-improving air connectivity, it’s possible to cover most corners of Rajasthan in little over 2 weeks.

Like most parts of India however, the longer you are able to allow, the better the experience will be. We always recommend more time in fewer places to enable you to experience and enjoy free time in the places you visit.

This part of India is famous for its heritage hotels- restored ancestral homes, palaces and the like and we strongly recommend that some or all of your stay is spent in this type of accommodation.

Beyond Delhi, Agra and Rajasthan are some wonderful regions which are perhaps lesser-known but no less fascinating :

The Himalayan foothills and mountainous regions to the north of Delhi which offer trekking and hiking from a few hours to man days, alongside pilgrimage towns (Haridwar, Rishikesh), hill station (Manali, Dharamshala, Dalhousie) and the Sikh-dominated border city of Amritsar within an easy 2 week itinerary. This region also has the benefit of being the perfect place to visit if your visit falls outside of the winter months

Ladakh and Kashmir are the most mountainous and high-altitude regions of all which makes them the perfect place to visit if you can’t get to India anytime other than the summer. The scenery is stunning, the people open and friendly (although that applies throughout the country) and once you adjust to the thin air this is one of the most spectacular parts of all of India

Gujarat is the neighbouring state to Rajasthan but attracts only a tiny fraction of the tourist numbers of its better-known neighbour. While superficially similar, the two states have very different histories and contrasting religious demographics. With far fewer visitors Gujarat retains a level of tradition which makes a most rewarding experience of those who venture here. Wildlife, tribal cultural and arts/crafts, stunning temples and atmospheric old cities, as well as some lovely coastline, are all easily accessible with Gujarat

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India is one helluva travel destination with its vast topographical region giving you more places to explore, each one different from the other in every characteristic. The land has seen many aeons pass by and is filled with a generous load of history, culture, tradition and heritage. We now take you through the parts of India which are a traveler’s paradise.