Climatic Condition - North And South India

A country as vast as India has a huge variety of climatic conditions from north to south and from east to west. The tropical south is warm-to-hot year round, the mountainous regions of the north have a brief but glorious summer and the rest of the country sits somewhere in between.

Generally the months to absolutely avoid are April to June, which is the hottest and most humid part of summer. April is still okay in the hills but anywhere at or close to sea-level will rapidly become inhospitable during this month.

By June the monsoon gradually sets in, beginning in the southwest and working north up the west coast of the country from there. The ‘retreating’ monsoon starts to affect the east of the country by September and rains peter out on the southeast coast by around the start of December. Travel during the monsoon can be amazing, or incredibly trying and there is no real way to predict how intense the monsoon will be in a given place during a particular year, which is why generally most people don’t visit during the monsoon period.

July and August, still very hot and humid in Delhi/Rajasthan/Gujarat, are quite delightful in Tamil Nadu: this is a secret which we’re happy to share- come to Tamil Nadu at this time of year and you’ll virtually have the place to yourselves (with 70-million or so locals who would love to have more visitors!)

By September, monsoon rains have reached most places and temperatures (in theory!) are dropping.

October and November are probably the best months of all to travel to the majority of the most popular tourist regions- cooler temperatures overall, little rain in most places but before the onset of winter proper in the north.

December to February is winter in the north, but this won’t seem like much if you are from North America or northern and central Europe. In the south, these are prime months- languid days, balmy nights and overall just about perfect.

By March, things start to change rapidly, with humidity setting in around the coasts and temperatures starting to climb rapidly.

Of course there are exceptions to all of this- please discuss in detail with your Tour Planner.

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