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Indian Temples

Temples, the epi center for the eons old culture and tradition of India, have been the inevitable part of any Indian’s life ! All the Kings who have ruled the different parts of the country have been patronizing the temples with expansion activities and proper maintenance. Though many of the temples saw massive destructions by the invasions of Mughal empires , they were rejuvenated with more vibrant architectures and still these temples, remain as the emotional connect between the God and the people of India ! Explore more on these pages !

Activities and Places

Tour to India may not be complete just by visiting the destinations, you can experience India with its complete essence, only by taking up the activities which vary from place to place. Jeep Safari into the dense woods, Trek through the unexplored areas of mountain ranges, roam around the palaces and forts on the back of an elephant, experience the cruise on the gleaming water bodies and lot more suggested here !

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