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Based on the reports of the “World Travel and Tourism Council” in 2019, Tamil Nadu is the number one destination in India when it comes to foreign tourist arrivals. India is already in the race for the best international tourist destination and Tamil Nadu is one of the strongest contributors for that prestigious feat. Here are 8 reasons why tourism in Tamil Nadu is developing year after year?

Better Connectivity and Roads

National Highways like NH4, NH5, and NH7 are shared with multiple states while there are 12 internal highways and 4 national highways shared with one other state like Kerala, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh. And so, there is good connectivity between beautiful cities like Trichy, Chennai, Salem, Erode, Tirunelveli, Kanyakumari, Madurai, Coimbatore, and all coastal districts of Tamil Nadu. A temple tour covering some of the best and beautiful temples of Tamil Nadu is possible in a fortnight. 

Moderate and Manageable Weather Conditions

Down south, Tamil Nadu has moderate weather conditions from Chennai district in the Northern end, Trichy in the centre, to Kanyakumari in the Southern end. From moderate rainfall and rare landslides to manageable summers, and super-cosy winters, Tamil Nadu is a paradise for walkers and explorers. Tamil Nadu has a more stable climate than most of the important tourist destinations in the world. A simple sunscreen and cooler is enough to beat the heat. However, afternoon time is best spent indoors during months like April and May. Thrissur Pooram is on May 5th of 2020 and it is a festival to be celebrated by every single person on this planet.

The Best Temples of the World

Tamil Nadu is a dreamland for travellers who want to explore the best and mysterious temples in the world. The precision in carving sculptures full of stories, mounting enormous pillars with beautiful details, heavenly statues, icons of mythical and mythological creatures, neolithic paintings on rocks, and infinite information about life and death is inscribed everywhere in the temples of Tamil Nadu. It takes the right pair of eyes to discover the truth. The temples of Tamil Nadu have global significance for its intricate details and legendary philosophies to lead and experience life in the best possible way.

The Heritage Walking Tours 

Heritage destinations like Chettinad for its enormous mansions and culinary delights, Tanjore for its beautiful handicrafts and dancing dolls, Madurai for its vibrant crowds and street foods with villages like Vilachery, Sri Rangam Temple Complex and surrounding streets in Trichy, and Madras with its glorious past remnants maketh for interesting city tours and heritage walks in Tamil Nadu. Travellers are interested to know more about the people and culture of Tamil Nadu than the destination itself.

The Most Hospitable State

Involving the aspects of goodness and healing elements while inviting guests is a beautiful tradition in Tamil Nadu. From taking Arti (The Ceremony of Lights), giving water without asking, making a feast by cooking various vegetables and serving them with rice in a banana leaf, and making any guest feel comfortable is the basic hospitality of Tamil Nadu. If one can create a friendly bonding with Tamil people, a traveller won’t need a sperate stay other than their newly made friend’s home. “Vanakkam” is usually a beautiful sign of welcoming a stranger from anywhere else in the world. The cultural significance of Tamil Nadu in reflected in its dance forms like Bharathanatyam, ancient wrestling skills, usage of weapons like valari, and having a set of well-defined literature for every single event.

The Safest State for Women travellers

The fundamentals of travelling in today’s world involve safety, accessibility, and a sense of freedom. A solo woman traveller can easily explore the terrains of Tamil Nadu with little help from the people of the state or well-experienced tour operators like Indian Panorama. One can roam and explore the interesting roads near temples and do street shopping in bazaars without any problem. If one could ignore the rare stare that mostly comes out of curiosity to see a different nationality, Tamil Nadu is a blissful place for womenfolks to travel in India and make good friends too.

Communication is not a Big Problem

A man in his dhotis selling beautiful dolls, costermongers, to the one in a tuxedo attending an office meeting in adjacent buildings, most people you see on the roads can understand and reply back in English. There are expert French Guides, Italian Guides, and Spanish Guides to take care of those who don’t speak English too. Communication is not a problem for travellers exploring Tamil Nadu. The state has a good literacy rate and so everyone can connect with an international traveller without any difficulty.

Political Stability and Countless Cuisines

A traveller will not face any curfew situations in Tamil Nadu. As there is always political stability in the southernmost state of India. Foreign travellers are given top-notch priority and are treated with the utmost care and dignity. There are countless cuisines to explore in Tamil Nadu from spicy dishes, sweet delicacies, and healthy snack options. Tamil Nadu is the best place in India for vegan travellers to travel. The varieties of vegetarian food available in nook and corner of Tamil Nadu are infinite. One just requires the right advice and direction to taste the best cuisines in Tamil Nadu.  

Tamil Nadu will be at the top of the most visited state in India for 2020. The above reasons maketh Tamil Nadu one of the best destinations in India. Explore the culture of Tamil Nadu and take on a temple tour in Tamil Nadu for your family vacation.

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