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On all levels, people need to empty them, and the buzzword is detox nowadays. From your gut to your thought, when it is clogged or overflows, you do not live your life to the fullest potential. You need to balance. The lighter your opinions and conscious your actions, the more balance you have in life. Don’t fill your life. Just free yourselves from all sorts of drama. Let you shine like the sun wherever you go! We hope this blog eases your lockdown a little more.

May the Sun be Your Primary Food

What is the one thing that is available to all human beings for their well being, free of cost without adulterations? Sunlight. Forget about the sunscreens, moisturizers, UV radiations, and all those commercials promoting their skin products, ditching the sun. Start it as a habit to be in the open during the golden hours of the day. The one and hour period after sunrise and before sunset. Don’t confine yourself to your couch and darkness while you watch ads defaming the Sun, Moon, and entire solar system to sell their junk. Watch your sleep cycle, productivity, immunity, oxygen inhaling capacity, depression, and digestion improve once you befriend sunbathing.

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Design a Productive Routine

From waking up super early in the morning to ticking off tasks till its time to sleep, make a customized routine. Give that plan a human-touch instead and create a less rigid one. Shuffle tasks if you need it while you take quick (10-15 mins) and long breaks (30-60 mins). Start with the most essential job that will be your big rock and approach, keeping priority in mind. Travel professionals often have trouble maintaining a routine but plan accordingly before bed. Make use of the early morning hours to finish off the most crucial tasks related to your career. Discipline and Routine go hand in hand if you want real changes in your life. Motivation alone is not enough unless you have a strong discipline and a witty routine.

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Identify Your Body Type

According to Ayurveda, based on mental and physical characteristics, human beings are put into three categories – Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. In the western world, based on frame size, people are divided into three groups – Ectomorph, Endomorph, and Mesomorph. But they fail in touching the mental aspects of an individual. A Vata type of person can tolerate heat but not cold and is like the wind. They tend to fluctuate, and their thoughts float all over. A Pitta type of person gets angry often and cannot tolerate heat and prefer cold weather. Fire is the base element. Both Vata and Pitta need a special diet and mental training to live optimally. A Kapha type of person is gentle and full of warmth, but once he or she gets angry, it remains for a long time. They have a more massive bone structure and rounder physique. Usually, every person has a combination of all three types but what is your dominant dosha. Take this quick test to know your body type.

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Get Enough Rest

Sleep is one form of rest. It doesn’t mean you have to spend 1/3 of your day sleeping. Take adequate rest but maintain your active lifestyle. The body needs three kinds of movements – micro, Macro, and mini. Micro is the static stretching and gentle movements, mini deals with day-to-day walking, jumping, and moderate movements. Macro comprises of resistance training, bodyweight exercises, and strength movements. If you could balance between these movements in a single day, the resting phase comes naturally. Don’t overdo your siesta (not more than 30 mins) as it might ruin your shut-eye time in the night.

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Drink Detox Smoothies 

Do you always need coffee to kick off your day? How often do you consult your dermatologist? Do you feel bloated even after a simple meal? Do you experience headaches often? Simple! You have more toxins in your body. Drinking detox drinks along with intermittent fasting, moderate physical activity, and good sleep quality is recommended. If you want to follow your gut feeling, you need a happy and healthy gut. Fast regularly and depend on detox drinks for those days to imbibe an aesthetic lifestyle.

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Meditate in the Same Place

Familiarize the habit of doing meditation by combining it with a beautiful place, time, and chore. For example, drink water once you wake up and check your day’s checklist before you sit for meditation. Meditate in the same place at the same time every day to develop a habit. Empty your mind as much as possible and improve your relationship with your conscious thoughts. Meditation is one holistic tool for humanity to enhance their experience. Approach yoga professionals after some research to make sure they are reliable. Learn yoga and you relearn life.

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Review Your Day Before Sleep

Don’t be too harsh on yourself and stop competing with your past and fearing about your future. Make sure you have smiles and waves of laughter all around you. If not spread the joy and a technique to be happy. Ask people about death and tell them their time will come. Now! Ask them about their day and throw another tantrum – “What if you don’t wake up tomorrow?” Whatever the answer might be, ask them about that one thing they have dreamt of doing all their life. Sometimes, you don’t have to ask the last one either, they are already awakened. So, reviewing your day is more like being grateful for your existence. Be grateful, be compassionate! You will sleep like a newborn. 

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All you need is a challenging and adventurous day. The more life you have within yourself, the more substantial and ecstatic your days will be. Do one task at a time and do it with the utmost grace and focus. It is one form of meditation. Do more than you think. Transform your conscious thoughts into profound actions. Detox is not just getting rid of the unwanted in the gut. It is also removing everything that acts as a stopper to enhancing human life. All you need is to empty yourself. Life will happen in the healthiest and happening ways effortlessly.

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