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From landing on a new city with a swollen leg to unnecessary fatigue and cortisol level shooting high, a traveller’s body goes through a lot of tension and anxiety. We travel to deal with stress, stimulate creativity, spend time with our loved ones, and free ourselves from this constantly battling world of traffic and turbulence. The idea of exploring a different place has always fascinated the world of humans since the stone age. Yet the varying degrees of comfort has grown over the years. It is true business class flights, luxury hotel options, and pleasant commute have made travelling easier in the last decade along with the advent of travel apps and modern connecting gadgets.

“The idea is to travel smart and stay fit.”

As a renowned tour organizer, Indian Panorama will make your travel experience as memorable as The Maharaja Express journey. Read what our family of clients have to say in reviews about our Indian Panorama Family. You’ll know how streamlined and friendly our connections and networks throughout India functions. We want our clients to stay hale and healthy when they are exploring the different cultures and temples of India. Just a timely reminder blog to make your travel experience a lot more interesting and untiring. 10 quick tips to stay fit while you travel. Stay strong and explore for long!

Stretches! First thing in the morning

Before a long day, wake up early and do the necessary stretches like the child’s pose, cat pose, cow pose, dog pose, assisted squats, stair climbs, and meditate for mental clarity. As soon as you stretch and twist, circulation improves and your circadian rhythm will thank you later in the night. 

Take dips using your bed and chair

We understand your comfy mattress is for your deep meditative sleep. But your chair and bed can be used to pump some blood in the morning before you go out. Just stay in this position, take your body down and bring it up for a quick workout followed with a few pushups. Thank endorphins (happy hormones) for the instant glow and peak in energy level.

Do Pushups and Planks in the open

You don’t always require fancy gym equipment to train your muscles. Carry your mat and spread it beside a lake or any picturesque location and do pushups. Sip on water and do planks before you climb stairways, pull yourself up using a pole in a park, and jog toward your hotel room to get ready for the day.

Look for a scenic location to walk

Have you ever practised mindful walking? Like, talking with your inner self to begin your day on a positive day. Sure, you would have done it a few times but try walking into misty woods and lake trails before the golden hour ends. Befriend birds and dogs feeding them with pet food and keep walking till you are drenched in sweat and a clear mind.

Give caffeine, alcohol and nicotine a break

The growing amount of desire to explore the different kinds of pleasure in today’s world has become more common. Let us do the opposite and stay away from drugs for a natural cleanse during travelling. Flush off toxins drinking water and herbal teas for a while and notice the difference in your sleep quality and interest levels.

Get more sunlight and sleep 

Travelling always contradicts with sleeping schedules but the good thing about travelling is that you’ll spend more time in the open. More daylight means a good amount of melatonin and Vitamin D to keep your body ready. Be it for breathtaking silhouettes or sleep, sunbathing is a good choice.

Check what goes inside while travelling

Your stomach isn’t a trash can and so watch what you eat. You can be a connoisseur of good food and drinks but the moment you let your appetite conquer your consciousness, you’ll end up making that love handles into love tyres. Don’t lose your hard-gained muscle while you travel. Calculate that calorie and always think thrice before opening that random processed food and oil-suffocated seafood. 

Travel with your fitness partner for a fortnight

Plan a trip with your long-term buddy who has the discipline of waking up early and maintains a strong routine. You can change your life in just 14 days by spending quality time with them. You’ll be subconsciously lured into an active lifestyle pattern and routine which will help you achieve an agile and healthy physique. So, get up from the sofa and call your buddy and tell him or her – “We are going on a trip to beat laziness. Help me.”

Limit your main meals to enjoy delicious cuisines

The idea is not to reduce food intake but to reduce the number of calories we eat. As you are travelling, naturally you’ll love to taste different foods. As those lip-smacking street foods, curries, milk sweets, and spicy snacks partially fill up your stomach, you can sip on water and lemonades to fill up. Allow them to cleanse and detox your system instead of going for another heavy dinner meal. Plan and eat. You can eat more without putting on weight.

Wake up early and take a bath in a Waterfall

Okay! what’s so good about a cold bath or bathing in nature? It helps with cleaning not only your body but your mental state of mind. The splashing water has all the healing power to recover you from mental trauma, long-term stress, and worries of your life. Take a rejuvenating bath in a safe environment and make your travel meaningful in 2020.

The whole idea of this blog is to push and test the limit of travellers. How far can you go with these 10 useful tips? How many did you apply? Can you write us a reply about a specific one that was helpful during your travel?

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