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BM Hegde’s “What Doctors Don’t Get to Study in Medical School” book in 2006 became a sensational hit. Even today, the amount of reception it gets is super high. Not only medical students but also every human being should read this book. To make your mind and body mentally strong, read Hegde’s masterpiece. Let’s get to the delicious business! A specific topic about the health benefits of Mango is a game-changer.

Mango - The Super functional Food

Mango – The Superfunctional Food

All tropical and sub-tropical weather conditions are conducive for cultivating mangoes. Half of the world’s mangoes make their way from the Indian subcontinent. The land of mangoes, India, is the best place in the world for mango lovers. Umpteen number of mango varieties flood the Indian markets every summer. They come in all shapes and sizes. The taste of mangoes varies in accordance with the soil quality and climatic conditions. During this lockdown days, make sure to practice Yoga and get ready to taste and experience India’s yet another gift for the world – Mangoes. Here are the top 10 benefits of Mangoes.

#1 Mango Boosts Your Immunity

Mango and immunity

Mangoes are stuffed with not only sweetness but also immunity-boosting Vitamin A. They help fight diseases and infections without causing side effects. This therapeutic fruit helps you develop more white blood cells (WBC) for supplying the necessary medicinal value. Next time, if you are to visit Elephanta Caves or pose for a vintage selfie in front of the Taj Hotel near Gateway of India, try Alphonso mango variety in Maharashtra.

“There is no sincere love than the love of food.” – George Bernard Shaw

#2 Mango Cures Cancer

Mango - Breast Cancer Cure

Mango with its polyphenolic compounds stops the spread of harm-causing cancer cells. The formation of cancer cells is intervened by consuming raw mangoes. Especially, colon cancer and breast cancer will find its way back if Mangoes are a regular part of one’s diet. Thousands of antioxidant phytochemicals in Mangoes make it easier for people to fight off cancer. If you are going to visit Badami Caves, make sure to eat Badami Mangoes as well; also known as Karnataka Alphonso.

#3 Mango helps maintain blood sugar level

Mango cures diabetes

The low glycemic index level in mango is a boon for diabetic patients. BM Hegde, the celebrated cardiologist suggests people take mangoes between meals. The super functional food’s leaves can also treat diabetes, Like soaking almonds overnight, soaking mango leaves at night and drinking the filtered decoction regulates sugar levels. But a diabetic patient should consume mango between meals for at least 30 days. Thereby, they will know whether it works for them or not. Superior Langra Mangoes are famous in Varanasi.

#4 Mango – The Natural Anti-Aging Product

mango is good for your skin

Mango helps cleanse your skin and so a highly recommended food by dermatologists. A radiant glow, fixing pores, and tightening of the skin in a healthy way is the outcome of eating raw mangoes. It is also good for hair follicles and growth of nails as it is rich in magnesium. In the foothills of Girnar of Gujarat, get Kesar Mangoes.

#5 Mango Fights Cardiovascular Diseases

mango is good for your heart

The Indian kitchen or to be more accurate, the South Indian kitchens are the healthiest kitchens in the whole world. They have spices and mangoes. While the former may help with lung diseases, the latter protects the heart like an invincible soldier. Researchers of Oklahoma University found that Mangoes are helpful in reducing fat levels in the blood. The swashbuckling warrior – Mango slices off unwanted fat with its abundant nutritional arsenal. Pectin, Vitamin C, and fiber are its master spartan swordsters. Try Chaunsa Mango in Punjab if you are interested in visiting the Golden Temple of Amritsar.

#6 Mango Reduces Inflammation

mango is good for your gut

The Minerals, Vitamins, and Carotenoids in Mango help fight inflammation, making the body more alkaline. In addition to the anti-inflammatory properties, mangoes help prevent type 2 diabetes and obesity. One great fruit for a happy and healthy gut. Get to Uttar Pradesh to taste authentic Dasheri Mango which has many varieties such as Luknowa and Fazli.

#7 Mango Improves Eye Health

mango improves eyesight

The Vitamin A rich fruit Mango is a good cure for night blindness and dry eyes. Those endless hours of sitting and staring can play havoc on our eyesight. For those who feel, they need to repair their vision, practice eye exercises, devour mangoes, and spend time with Nature. Your eye health will be back on track in no time. While visiting the temples of Tamil Nadu, try Mulgoba or Malgova – the Alphonso of South India.

#8 Mango Enhances Your Brain Function

Mango improves brain function.

Loaded with Vitamin B6, Mangoes help in clarity of thoughts and efficient brain function. Students can gorge on mangoes before exams and young children can improve their cognitive function. Regular consumption of mangoes helps create a better sleep pattern and a stable happy mood. A good affinity amongst neurotransmitters of the brain is an additional benefit. Devour scrumptious Neelam in the heritage city of Hyderabad.

#9 Mango Helps Build Stronger Bones

Mango strengthens bones

Vitamin K6 in Mangoes help human beings build stronger bones. The amount of calcium absorption in bones increases. And so, Mango lessens the risk of osteoporosis in men and women. As the density of the bones improves, the probability of bone fracture is considerably low. Chew the oval-shaped Rasapuri Mangoes in Karnataka.


Mango makes you happier

A component in mango called Tryptophan has anti-depression characteristics. This amino acid streamlines your serotonin levels like a flowing river. The king of fruits has more relaxing properties that help a person maintain their mood without intervention. The happier the mind, the healthier the body. An apple a day might keep the doctor away but a mango a day creates happy vibes all day.  Last but not least, try Banganapalle of South India – the king of mangoes.

You’ll love India more than ever before if you cherish the different varieties of mangoes in India. Each one has its unique taste and health benefits. A few mangoes can undoubtedly give uncontrollable goosebumps with its creamy texture and delectable taste. Combine your love for Indian monuments with mangoes for an extended culinary-cum-culture tour.

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