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Food is a common emotion shared by millions of travelers and food bloggers. The amount of value your favorite food had in enriching your travel experience is only felt during its absence. Like now! Lockdown had already taught us why we shouldn’t take things for granted. Stepping out of our own homes has become a luxury coupled with danger. While travel and food have a bonding that can instantly make one nostalgic for the happiest memories. Tourism will flourish soon until then nourish your stomach and soul. Ten popular foods of India to leave you drooling and fully loaded during this lockdown. Learn to prepare a few of the dishes mentioned in this blog on your own. Share it with your family and whoever you find needs nourishment.

Love and food are all we need to share at this time.

#1 Rogan Josh, Kashmir

Tender lamb meat soaked in a highly spicy stew, made of browned onions, whole black pepper, ginger, cloves, cardamom, coriander, and red pepper. Rogan Josh is slow-cooked in yogurt and the most favorite dish of Kashmir. Mughals introduced this spicy Persian cuisine in India. ‘Rogan’ means clarified butter and ‘Josh’ refers to the fierce or burning passion.

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#2 Hyderabadi Biryani, Telangana

The erstwhile territory of Nizams is the Biryani Paradise of India. The Dum Biryani of Hyderabad spreads the aroma of taste and tradition in a unique way. As the raw meat and rice are cooked together inside an earthen pot, a lip-smacking delicacy is born. Taste the world-famous biryani in the royal region which recently won the UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy in 2019.

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#3 Smoked Pork, Nagaland

Pork lovers should travel to Nagaland, the highest pork consuming state in India. Roasted crisply on the outside and juicy on the inside, the signature mountain dish of Nagaland is a blend of culture and hospitality. Just like the Kodava community of Coorg, pork is a celebrated cuisine in the Northeastern state of Nagaland.

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#4 Chole Bhature, Punjab

The intense farrago of chickpea curry and deep-fried flatbreads produce the mouthwatering Chola Bhature of Punjab. The warmer the temperature gets the easier it is to make the dough. The healthiest snack option popular in Punjabi families.

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#5 Mysore Pak, Karnataka

The signature sweet delight of Karnataka is Mysore Pak. Guru Sweets near Devaraja Market in Mysore is the starting point of the world-famous Mysore Pak. During the reign of Krishnadevaraya Wodeyar IV, Kakasura Madappa, the chief chef of the king made this sweet. Krishnadevaraya named it The Royal Mysore Pak sweet.

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#6 Banjari Gosht, Rajasthan

Although considered as a deserted and dry region, culinary experts would agree Rajasthan has an interesting range of dishes. Take a foodie dip in the juicy mutton stew, full of fiery Rajasthan spices. Taste this unique mutton and yogurt combo in the pink city of Jaipur.

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#7 Idli & Sambar, Tamil Nadu

Savor the piping hot idlis drenched in sambar and use your hands at least this time, yes! Forget the spoon. Eateries in Chennai like A2B and Murugan Idli Shop offer some of the tastiest idlis. While Madurai, one of the best places in Tamil Nadu to try the same idli or dosa with mutton curry, for meat lovers.

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#8 Vada Pav, Maharashtra

The soul-food of the Mumbaikars – Vada Pav. Boiled Potatoes and gram flour batter stuffing spread on a slice of bread or bun maketh this Indian Burger. In 1966, Ashok Vaidya had come up with this unique street dish. Opposite to Dadar Railway Station, Vada Pav, born in Bombay is in the pursuit of immortal life in Mumbai.

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#9 Meen Pollichathu, Kerala

A perfect dish to eat during your homestay experience in Kerala. A must-try dish if you have planned to spend your honeymoon in one of the finely crafted houseboats of Kerala. A backpacker interested to explore the cafes, churches, and art galleries of Kerala can try this dish in Fort Kochi and in some of the less explored regions of God’s Own Country. A healthy and tasty dish filled with the touch of Kerala in all its bashes, filled in a sea of sprigs.

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#10 Grand Thali – The Complete Meal

If you truly want to explore Indian culture and cuisine, sit cross-legged before a completely food-decorated banana leaf and start exploring. The divinity filled in this exotic serving contains each and every flavor known to humankind. North Indian Thali and South Indian Thali are the common Thali which has many sub-Thalis. One complete meal for the whole world.

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Suggest a few more dishes to include in the next blog. We’ll publish a unique and not-so-popular dishes of India list based on your comments. Try a few dishes now and the rest after the lockdown. Share your love in the form of food. All it takes is a little kindness and responsibility to help the world get back to normal.

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