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There are so many tourist attractions around the world, but Kerala is one such place that every tourist wants to hit. Kerala receives swarms of visitors every year because, unlike other tourist destinations that are seasonal, Kerala is a unique place that has something for every type of travelers and can be visited throughout the year. It is its vivid natural beauty, rich culture, well-preserved tradition, humble lifestyle and the warmth of Kerala hospitality that makes Kerala an incredible place to visit. Undoubtedly, its pristine beauty, generous nature and unmatched hospitality of the Keralites will be etched in your memory for a long time. For first-time visitors, Kerala awaits you with a bundle of surprises and the beautiful moments it offers will leave you with a yearning to visit Kerala again and again.

Nature’s miracle in the form of glittering backwaters, stunning beaches, romantic hill stations, and dazzling waterfalls makes Kerala the most beautiful place on the earth. Kerala caters to the interest of everyone, no matter what type of travel aficionado you are, a backpacker, picnicker, nature lover, art lover, wildlife enthusiast, adventure freak, honeymoon couple or even foodies under one umbrella. There are a lot of things to do in Kerala to make your trip a memorable one. Following are some of the things to do in Kerala for first-time visitors:-

1) Cruise the backwaters of Kerala in a Houseboat.

Nothing is as fascinating as a Houseboat cruise through the backwaters of Kerala. It is an ideal retreat for the first time visitors. The sight of palm groves that sway as the wind blows, flocks of ducks swimming in the backwaters, fishermen going about their daily catch, village lads playing near their houses, are some of the usual scenes of the villages but completely a different experience for the tourists.

Houseboat ride in the backwaters of Alleppey

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As you cruise, you will also come across ancient temples, village markets, toddy shops, Ayurveda centres etc. The houseboat halt near the village markets and toddy shops from where you can buy toddy and local products. The local delicacies of Kerala that is served on the Houseboat is another thing you will enjoy during your cruise.

2) Explore the villages of Kerala

Kerala village experience

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Take a walk along the rural villages to discover what exactly Kerala is. You can witness nature in its utmost glory in the villages of Kerala. The lush green carpet of paddy fields and the sparkling emerald backwaters adorns the villages. One can spend some time fishing, canoeing, and mingle with the villagers. The kind-hearted people of the villages will undoubtedly steal your heart. Exploring the village life of Kerala provides a wealth of experiences never forgotten.

3) Bird Watching

If you love birdwatching, Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary is a must visit during your trip to Kerala. You can find numerous migratory birds between the months of November and February. Here you will get a rare opportunity of bird watching while you cruise the Kumarakom backwaters. Egret, Siberian Crane, heron are some of the exotic birds found here.

4) Trekking the spice plantations

The beautiful hill stations of Kerala like Munnar, Thekkady and Wayanad are blanketed with lush green spice plantations. Tea, coffee, and spices like black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon etc are grown in abundant here. Trekking through these plantations and breathing in the spice-scented air is a soul-soothing experience.

5) Nature and wildlife tour

For nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts, a lot of activities are provided in Kerala. With rich biodiversity and great scenic beauty, Kerala is blessed with a number of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. It offers an amazing experience that makes you get closer to nature and the sight of various wildlife species moving freely in their natural habitat is truly stunning.

6) Get amazed at the waterfalls

There are many breathtaking waterfalls in Kerala to amaze you at. But the most popular one is the Athirapally waterfall which is 8 feet tall, known as the Niagara Falls of India. It is so amazing that it will leave you in awe. Enjoy the cool breeze and the lovely music created by the waterfalls.

7) Beach tour

There are as many beaches in Kerala for the beach bums to explore. Watch the mesmerizing sunrise and mind-blowing sunset at the beaches of Kerala, a perfect sight to witness and capture in your camera.Lighthouse on the rocks near the ocean at blue sky with clouds at Kovalam in the state of Kerala.

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Stroll around or engage in beach activities or just sit back and enjoy the tranquillity of the beaches in Kerala.

8) Explore the Kerala culture through Kathakali and Kalaripayattu

The traditional art forms of Kerala like Kathakali and Kalaripayattu unveils the rich culture and heritage of Kerala. The colourful makeup, embellished costumes, red bloodshot eyes, extremely detailed expressions, brilliant body movements and foretelling the mythological stories with playback music and complementary percussion will mesmerize you a lot.

Kalaripayattu -Artists performing Kerala's oldest traditional martial art form on a beach in Kerala, India

The traditional martial art form of Kerala, the Kalaripayattu is entertaining and especially exciting. The experts performing Kalaripayattu using various sharp weapons and sticks is obviously a fascinating experience.

9) Exciting snake boat race

Rowers clothed in traditional and colourful costumes and rowing the multicolored snake boats enthusiastically to win the race is truly a colourful event to behold.Nehru Trophy Boar Race

The race fills the whole environment with the energy and enthusiasm of people encouraging their particular teams. Among the other snake boat races, Nehru Trophy Boat Race is the most popular one.

10) Admire the architectural marvels

Brilliantly architectured temples, churches, mosques, and palaces add to the architectural marvels of Kerala.

An Exterior view of the Krishnapuram Palace, Kerala.

An Exterior view of the Krishnapuram Palace, at Kayamkulam in the state of Kerala, India

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If you are an architecture lover, then Fort Kochi is a good start. Arabs, British, Dutch, Chinese, and Portuguese had a great influence on the architecture of various monuments in Fort Kochi that are so admirable.

Hope, this blog improves your travel experience in India. Take a complete tour of India with Indian Panorama and explore the beautiful backwaters of Kerala, wildlife sanctuaries, cultural and heritage sites of Kerala, beaches, festivals & cultural events and other beautiful landscapes of Kerala with ease. Tourists deserve every good in the world as they are the beautiful bridges that connect this gorgeous globe.

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