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Dreamy, scenic and mesmerising are the perfect words to describe the beautiful hill stations of Maharashtra, Lonavala and Khandala in India. People prefer to drive to these hill stations as the way leading here is absolutely charming. One of the popular hill stations close to Mumbai and Pune is nestled in the Sahyadri Ranges (Western Ghats). A string of waterfalls, rivulets, wild valleys, and streams make Lonavala a dream destination for travelers during the monsoon season. A perfect weekend experience enroute the misty Khandala and Rajmachi hamlet. Lonavala is surrounded by earliest caves of India – Bhaja Caves; viharas and chaityas filled Buddhist Cave – Karla Caves; the picturesque frame of Rajmachi Fort; Ryewood among the nearby celebrity wax museum, Tiger’s Leap, and Bushi Dam.


Lonavla is a small town and a pretty hill station located in Pune district in Maharashtra, India. “Len” and “Avali” are Sanskrit words which means the “The resting place of the series of carved-stones.” Lonavala is one among the twin hill stations, the other one is Khandala and is at a height of 624 m above sea level. The forts surrounding the Lonavala Hills are solid proof of the glory of the Maratha Empire. Peshawar Empire and Yadava Dynasty have their own connection with this savior hill station. Experienced and amateur history lovers should explore this mystical mountain for its rich history, encrypted caves, and vast knowledge repository.


Along with the exotic masala chai and the famous “Chikki” (brittle sweet) packed with protein, eateries selling “Vada Pav”, opulent residential areas, Yoga destinations, and bucolic surroundings make your trip to Lonavala wholesome. There are a lot of interesting places near Lonavala and are described in no particular order.


Each year, more than thousands of tourists visit Lonavala to checkout its natural beauty and historical places. If you are looking for places to visit in Lonavala, which are also natural and rich in scenic beauty, we suggest you to continue reading this blog.


This resort town offers a combination of thrills and scenic-views with lush green mountain valleys, mysterious caves, rugged cliffs and some pleasant side streets to walk on.


Tikona Fort, Maval in western India.

A visit to the Pawna Lake during monsoon combined with speed boating and water skiing make this less-explored place a must-visit. The pleasant hue of green embraces the Rajmachi Fort, a dream destination for campers, adventure enthusiasts, and families. Visit Tavke Lake in Maval for water activities. Maval is the place where the great emperor Shivaji had trained his soldiers and were called “Mavalas.” The hill fort – Tikona for bird-eye view of the Pawna Dam, the combination of Nature and ancient architecture in Lohagad Fort, paragliding and camping in Kamshet, the monolithic structure of Duke’s Nose, the picturesque Korigad Fort, 1860 built Bushi Dam, the dream waterfall destination – Kune Waterfalls nestled inside dense forests, Aamby Valley, Valvan Reservoir on Kundali River, Imagica Adlabs for your perfect recreation time, strolling along the Lonavala Lake, selfie time at the Celebrity Wax Museum, a stop by the Amrutanjan Point before heading to Khandala, rock climbing spots in and around Ganghad and Tailbaila monolith, Tunga Fort for history buffs and hikers, Hanuman carvings in Visapur Fort, and like the famous caves of Ellora and Ajanta, Karla and Bhaja Caves, the architectural masterpiece of the Bairavnath Temple which dedicated to Lord Shiva, the photographer’s delight – Scorpion’s Sting for clicks accompanied by mist, Aundoli Village for delicious local dishes, waterfall rappelling in Phansarai, sliders and twisters for kids and adults in Wet N Joy Water Park, watching sunsets in Sausage Hills with abundance of rare plants, Lion’s Point for extreme photography lovers, Tiger’s Leap for wideangle photography, Manaranjan Fort Viewpoint, and Ketaldhar Waterfall for a happy trekking experience, Lonavala Hills is a place for everyone to rejoice, calm down, and look at Maharashtra from a different perspective.


Best Time to Visit Lonavala


October to March is the best time to visit Lonavala while winters are pleasant and have a temperature between 11 to 25 degrees Celsius. Monsoon and Post Monsoon offers a clear view of the surroundings from October to February. While July to September produces a great amount of rain suiting the pluviophile population. The right amount of incessant rain makes the place look luscious and trekking pursuits are taken at one’s own risk, a worthy risk though. Summer temperature can reach above 35 degrees Celsius but a few trekkers start before midnight and reach around early morning for sunrise views. But March to June is ideal for budget travelers to stay in nice hotels during the hot hours of the day.


This year-round destination grows beautiful when Monsoon arrives supplying the necessary mist appeal for honeymooners, photographers, hardcore trekkers, adventure-loving families, history-loving population, silent seekers, and for those who want to do nothing but just admire and get dissolved with a place. Lonavala in monsoon is heaven!


How to Reach Lonavala?


The nearest International Airport is in Pune – Lohegaon Airport (70 km away) and the next busy and nearest International Airport is in Mumbai – Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport (100 km away) from Lonavala. The place is between Mumbai and Pune and has good connectivity with full of state buses, private coaches, and luxury buses. Lonavala has its own railway station and getting on to one of the regular trains from Mumbai or Pune is a good option. There are bicycles for rent and auto rickshaws for local transport options. While choosing buses is the best option in Lonavala.


This hilly town offers everything you will need for a refreshing break. A picturesque place to seek adventure, involve in trekking and camping, revisit history, and share stories with your friends along with great weather conditions.


Indian Panorama will help you to choose the destinations and our guides will guide you to Lonavla and Khandala’s best tourist hotspots.


So, what are you waiting for? Do not procrastinate your travel dreams anymore. Explore the wonders of India this winter while you enjoy a comfortable travel and stay with Indian Panorama.

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