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Pandemic: The worldwide spread of a deadly disease at the same time.

Panacea: A universal remedy or medicine for all diseases.

The most unwelcome guest is travelling all over the world causing millions to cancel their travel plans, business deals, international sporting events, and hampering the day-to-day life of millions across the planet. 

The name of the evil guest possessing the world right now is Corona.  Namaste (Vanakkam) is becoming the new sensation!

The only global traveller at this moment, no visa, no passport, no checkpoints, a scary satan trespassing and transgressing borders without notice making the world scream; that too inside homes. Shh!

No handshakes. No hugs. No intimacy. No good touch bad touch this time. Every unconscious and unhygienic touch is a step closer to chaos.

Corona is distancing human beings more than our smartphone. Since WHO has declared this evil as a Pandemic, countries are closing their borders and educating its people to maintain personal hygiene and remain cautious about the outbreak. Even some world leaders have tested positive for Coronavirus or Covid-19 or Sars-Cov-2 or whatever fancy name for the virus of the SARS and MERS family. Yeah, they have a family too. Soon, they will be assassinated without any trace.

It may take some time to find the vaccine coupled with the personal hygiene of every individual on the planet. Tough time for the blue planet but if you notice closely a few places in the world stand unmoved by the impact of Corona. It is not that those places are 100% prepared for the war against the invisible evil, but they have some sort of spiritual and positive aura more than economically powerful continents like Europe and North America.

Tanjore Big Temple is still a mystery factory for the entire world of architects

Yes, Africa and South America are managing it pretty well but this tiny yet powerful space on Earth that will remain as a goosebumps garage to the world is Tamil Nadu

What has Tamil Nadu got that it is the most visited state in India? How Tamil as a lifestyle, land, and culture will tackle outbreaks like Corona now and in the future? Why is everything about Tamil mystical?

It is not just a state or country or continent or world but a separate Universe!

How is Tamil Nadu a Universe? Does it have its own planets

Nine Temples for Nine Planets synchronizing the energy points

Yes! Navagraha Temples are proof. “Nava” means nine and “Graha” means the planet. The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are the nine planets prayed in Tamil Nadu. To reduce the adverse effects of the planets in the universe, similar energy level carrying deities are located on the lands of Tamil Nadu. Their latitude and longitudinal points have a connection with the same planetary bodies operating in the Universe. As it is impossible for a human to seek the blessings of all the planets in the Universe, similar arrangements are located in this piece of land as temples thousands of years ago to help humanity lessen the effects of planets on them. Thereby, causing harmony in one’s body and mind.

Temples are a commonplace of worship which were consecrated to help every human transcend his or her physical limits. To see beyond and seek something from within and outside with absolute consciousness. Temples are calculated energy points, precisely developed to imbibe positive aura. A simple explanation is everyone who is coming into the temple will have a positive thought and a temple is a connecting point of all those precious positive energies.

If the human body is considered a temple, then “Gopuram” (temple tower) is the feet, similarly the “Kodi Maram” is the navel of the temple while the “Garba Graha” is where the head of the temple is present. The reason why devotees are asked to enter the temple without footwear.

Just Planets? What about the Stars in the Universe?

The list of 27-star temples in Tamil Nadu according to which human beings born are given a unique spiritual identity in Tamil Nadu. Each human being has distinct characteristics and everyone has an exclusive temple to pray and imbibe blessings from the respective deities. The temples of Tamil Nadu can’t be made into a religious abode or just for a particular set of people. But temples are energy centres or points that act as a passageway and as a useful tool to transcend human limits.

A temple is a start to the spiritual journey one imparts and a place where something opens up if observed and approached in a certain way. The star temples of Tamil Nadu are concrete proofs of strong energy points where millions flock to supercharge their mind and body. Ashwini, Bharani, Karthigai, Rohini, Mirugaseerisham, Thiruvadharai, Punarpoosam, Poosam, Aayilya, Magham, Poora, Uttiram, Hastham, Chitiram, Swathi, Vishaka, Anusham, Kettai, Moolam, Pooradam, Uttiradam, Thiruvonam, Avittam, Sadayam, Pooratadhi, Uttiratadhi, and Revathi are the 27 stars and every star has a special temple associated to it.

Have you heard of Budha Suththi Practice?

Cleansing the five basic elements of Nature in our body is essential. Our human body is split into 5 sections, namely the feet as Earth, the portion where excretion and sensual organs are present is Water, the region where the lung, oesophagus, and diaphragm are present belongs to Air, and the region in between air and water is the Fire which burns the food we eat in the abdomen region. Our conscious and sub-conscious thoughts belong to the Sky elements.

If one could manage the water element which forms 72% of the human body, then more than half of Budha Suththi is complete. “Budha” means Body and “Suththi” means Purification. There are scriptures in Tamil about managing water in a certain way; the way you drink; the way you treat water is important. Have you ever felt the amount of Water on Earth also follows the same percentage (more than 70% of Earth is water) as the human body?

There is a separate section in Thirukural about the Importance of Water

We are all the specks of dust of this mega blue planet. To manage Earth (12%), some gardening and barefoot walking is enough followed by adventurous activities like rock climbing and playing any sport outside in the sun. Not more than 8% is Air which can be cleansed through various breathing practices like Pranayanama with little guidance. Just 6% is Fire and if you manage to lit the fire of love and compassion within you, only 4% belongs to the mystical side of life which is Sky and requires expert guidance.

The basis of healthy human mechanics was taught in the sacred land of Tamil Nadu. The ability to eliminate more than 80% of diseases is possible just by observing our body and effective management of these 5 basic elements of Nature. A clean body and mind are full of overloaded immunity which has the natural ability to prepare to face any damage-causing foreign elements. Instead of finding vaccines to all virus and bacterial infections, if one leads a conscious life dealing effectively with the elements of Nature, they won’t have 90% of bodily ailments.

As a starter to cleansing your system, visit these temples of Tamil Nadu

In Tamil Nadu, there are temples for five of these fundamental elements – Ekambareswarar Temple (Earth) in Tamil Nadu, Jambukeshwarar Temple (Water) in Tamil Nadu, Annamalaiyar Temple (Fire) in Tamil Nadu, Srikalahasteeswara Temple (Air) in Andhra Pradesh (in the past, it belonged to Tamil Nadu), and Thillai Nataraja Temple (Sky) in Tamil Nadu.

Do you know about the statue made of 9 poisons?

Tamil Nadu is also the land of Siddhars. Those who have managed to seek several other dimensions in human life through spiritual seekings, purification of mind and body. Amongst them, only 18 Siddhars are considered as the most powerful and profound. They have lived in various regions of Tamil Nadu and every one of them need a separate blog to explain at least 10% of their inventions and incredible service to humanity. From making this land a powerful sacred land to creating elixirs of life through Siddha (an ancient medicinal practice existing even today in India) art, the contribution of Siddhas to Tamil and goodness is infinite.

There was one such Siddha called “Bogar” who was well adept in many scientific, spiritual, and occult practices. He was even able to sculpt a statue of Tamil God Murugan with the help of 9 types of poison called “Nava” (nine) “Paasanam” (poison) which is still protected in one of Lord Muruga’s 6 abode’s Palani Temple. No one in the current world could even think of making one such marvel. The other great Siddhars who were pioneers of Yoga, medicine, literature, art, and architecture are Agathiyar, Thirumoolar, Karuvoorar (the mastermind behind Tanjore Big Temple), Konganar, and Pambatti Siddhar. Even today for novel Coronavirus or Covid-19, modern Siddha practitioners are coming up with cures.

Again, this is not to misinterpret readers to take up pseudoscience in hand but to distinguish between real science and fake news. There are concrete proofs shown here that will heighten human possibilities and help them lead a healthy life. The amount of spirituality and healthy vibes existing in Tamil Nadu is aligned with the planetary bodies of the Universe and for such a powerful terra, staying away from a viral disease is not so difficult. Explore the ineffable temples of Tamil Nadu to uplift and enhance your existence on this planet.

It is not that we ask the world to take the next flight (after airports become active) to cure chronic ailments like Corona through natural herbs. But the world should know about the Nature Aura of Tamil Nadu which is a lot more healthy than the rest of the planet.

We have covered a lot about temples in this piece so let us catch the next Indian Panorama blog that explains about the healthy food habits of Tamil Nadu.

Meet you all in the immune system booster tour itinerary in the next blog! Stay at home, be prepared and don’t panic. This world has seen many and so Corona shouldn’t disturb global harmony. Smile and spread positivity!

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