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Kerala is an incredible destination that attracts people from all walks of life. Furthermore, it offers so much for families. Kerala promises an exuberantly lively and amusing vacation with a bunch of surprises and loads of entertainment for the whole family. What’s more! Kerala is a child-friendly spot where kids can enjoy a great deal. […]

Many inscriptions and sculptures in the mountain of Rock fort that have passed the test of time indicate that the region was once a flourishing land for Jainism where deformed sculptures of Tirthankara are found to be carved on a rock bed known as Sarukku Parai in Rock fort. As one of the world’s oldest […]

As I recollect, I visited the royal city of Mysore last year. I planned for a quick visit to the Chamundi Temple which is located atop the Chamundi Hills, near to the Mysore city. For me, Mysore is one of the best Indian cities I have ever been to. It is clean, lively and is […]

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