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Fix your intention of traveling to South India and always expect some adjustments along your journey. Culinary trips, honeymoon holidays, exploration tours, trekking expeditions, and all types of package oriented travel have their own set of happiness quotients and experience offerings. There are immeasurable tourist spots in South India even South Indians cannot cover entirely […]

Many inscriptions and sculptures in the mountain of Rock fort that have passed the test of time indicate that the region was once a flourishing land for Jainism where deformed sculptures of Tirthankara are found to be carved on a rock bed known as Sarukku Parai in Rock fort. As one of the world’s oldest […]

Yet another addition to the “Not so popular, yet spectacular” edition, the Pundarikaksha Temple is not known to many, however, it is guaranteed to excite every traveller. It is exactly 27 km from the city of Trichy in a remote village known as Thruvallarai. As per the Hindu mythology, the temple was consecrated 15 lakh […]

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Pushkar is a town in the Ajmer district of Rajasthan.  It is one of the oldest cities of India. It’s a projecting Hindu pilgrimage town  Pushkar is famous for 2 things. One is Pushkar camel fair & second is the Brahma Temple visit at least once in their lifetime. Pushkar Camel Fair:   Very limited […]

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