Exploring India's Legendary Hampi World Heritage Site

Find a path through the stunning, ancient monuments of Hampi – an incredible UNESCO World Heritage Site located in south India. Monuments is a unique tour package that includes an exclusive trip to the majestic ruins of Hampi and provides travelers with the opportunity to explore and uncover its grandeur. With our guided tour, you'll get access to more than 500 monuments scattered across Sanapur Lake and Tungabhadra River Valley that still stand tall, awaiting your arrival!

Features: - Exclusive 3 day guided tour through historic ruins - Take a jeep ride around magnificent temples, stables and palaces - Visit sacred religious sites - Amazing scenic views of hills and valleys - Traditional cultural experiences Benefits: - Get an up close look at history - trek around impressive ancient structures such as Virupaksha Temple and Queen's Bath while hearing stories of their past. - Get away from the hustle & bustle - marvel in the area’s beauty without noise pollution or crowds. - Experience local culture - see traditional art forms like shadow puppetry during your visit and learn about South India’s unique customs & customs. - Feel relaxed & rejuvenated – enjoy sunsets over Sanapur Lake for some needed R&R