Chikmagalur is an estimable tourist location with plenty of mountain peaks, silent valleys, captivating waterfalls and entrancing coffee plantations. The name of the city translates to the city of younger daughter, as it was gifted by a local chieftain to his daughter as dowry. Surrounded by a number of rivers, the city has relaxing weather and a pollution - free atmosphere that attract the tourists.

Chikmagalur - City Guide

Hebbe Falls in the region are extremely beautiful and offer a visual delight to the visitors. A small hill station called Giridarshini is known for offering breathtaking views of the valleys. Another mountain peak called Baba Budan Giri is of religious significance both for the Hindus and the Muslims alike. While Muslims offer their prayers to Saint Baba Budan, the Hindus worship God Guru Dattatreya here. The saint’s shrine is visited by a variety of birds and has a beautiful waterfall in its vicinity.

The horticulture establishments at Kemmanagundi,, especially a beautiful rose garden, are also explored on tours to Chikmagalur.One should not miss wandering through the splendid coffee plantations that cover a huge area in the city. There are arrangements for enjoying adventure sports like kayaking, trekking and camping.

Sringeri Temple - Chikmagalur

Another Most famous place to visit in Chikmagalur is Sringeri located in Chikmagalur District the state of Karnataka which is rich in culture and heritage. The main attraction of Sringeri temple is, it is built in the Dravidian style of architecture, while most of the temples in the surrounding are the Hoyasala and the Rakshtrakutas style of building. The temples of Sringeri are located in the top of the hills and the holiness of the temple attracts visitors from all places.

Best time to visit Sringeri is between October and March

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